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Sunday, December 30, 2007

For most new website publishers, the thought of monetizing a website that is already up and running is very enticing. Google Adsense gives even the most inexperienced internet marketers the chance to make serious money, while enhancing the user experience by providing links to related products, services, and information. For both new and old Adsense publishers, there are several tactics that can be used to increase profit.

The most important factor when trying to make money with Adsense is click-through-rate, or CTR. As your Google Adsense click-through-rate increases, you will generate more revenue, given you are paid for each click on your Adsense ad blocks. To increase click-through-rate, you can use the following ideas to more properly integrate the Adsense ad blocks into your website's pages.

- When creating your Adsense color palette, you are able to modify the colors to fit your website's color scheme. By making the background and border colors the same as your website's background color, making links the same color as the links on your website, and making the text color within your adsense blocks the same as the text color of the rest of your website, your Adsense ads will appear to be part of your content, as opposed to being seen by your users as unrelated advertisements.

- Position your Adsense blocks to be shown on prominent parts of each page. You may use up to three ad blocks, which makes it much more possible to make money with Adsense, especially if each ad is shown above the fold of your website. It is recommended to place some ads within content portions of the page, and others where users are accustomed to seeing navigation links. Remember, clicks are most important here, so make them as easy as possible for your users to get to!

Beyond the improvements that can be made by tweaking your website's design, there are also improvements that can be made to your website's content, which will help increase how much money you make with Google Adsense. For example, by keeping your website's content targeted at one specific topic, the Adsense ads that are shown on your pages will be much more highly targeted, and as a result, more likely to interest your visitors. As you could imagine, the more interested a user is in the topics shown within an Adsense block, the more likely they are to click, and make you money.

Some site owners fail to recognize how their content could be optimized for specific keywords. If your website's content is about the legal services, for example, you will make more money per click than a site whose content is about a less sought after keyword group. By getting suggestions through

Overture or the Adwords keyword suggestion tools, you will be able to see what specific keywords could pay, and also how altering your site's content could affect your website's revenue.


  1. Scotty said...
    Hi Nisha, I myself have been working towards ways to earn money online. I can suggest two more things to you apart from Adsense,
    1. Widget Bucks
    2. Pay-Per-Play
    Both of these have very good referral programs as well. Cheers and all the very best with your earnings !
    nisha said...
    hi scotty.. adsense is just an excuse to make a blog look more professional, isnt it? hehe.. i love plenty of traffic to my blog but i hope i can help people in getting info they're searching for..

    yet i would love to try what you've suggested.. thanks a bunch scotty.. i know i wouldnt make anything from here but then wheres the fun, if you dont try something new out:)
    Scotty said...
    Hi Nisha, I've read your blog and trust me you are doing very well. Just be active on one or two of social and bookmarking sites like SpicyPage, Stumble etc and you can expect some good earnings from your blog. Blogging what you love to do is your primary objective and that is a good thing. Cheer and all the very best !
    Angad Deep singh said...
    Hi Nisha..........
    I am also on the lookout for increasing traffic.Some of the suggestions which you gave are very much very useful but what my belief is the thing by which you score more in terms of traffic is the number of referrals you have that is number of websites which redirect to your blog.
    Well i can suggest one such website
    well its new and it is adding blogs to its roll.

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