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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho ho ho! did Santa leave gifts for you by the time you awoke? well Santa left gifts for my kids.. some toys and many many sweets :)

Well today is Christmas and am so happy and excited, the feeling and the spirit of Christmas has almost sunk in with wishes from friends and family, it feels great to loved so special on this day. The message of Christmas itself brings in so much love, warmth and peace to the world. It spreads even much before Christmas actually begins :)

What is Christmas without love and happiness on this day? its most important to spread the message which i already written about last year, and can be viewed on the festivals category. So if you have any enemies, just hug them and wish them.. they will remember the gesture for a lifetime. The bad things you do wont count much, but the good will count and be cherished, and what other day could be as special as Christmas. It is a glorious day of our Savior's birth and we should follow the message be brought with him, to us :)

May the timeless message of Christmas fill your hearts and homes with joy today and throughout the coming year. Wish you all a wonderful, and joyous Christmas :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

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So Mumbai is gearing up after that big attack which created huge havoc in the city few weeks ago, and fear in the hearts and minds of the mumbaikars. Not only Mumbai city but i think the whole of India is facing the same fear, who knows, anytime and anywhere? But what are the biggies(you know who?) doing about this? There was so much of pain everywhere, so many innocent deaths and for no reason were they targeted. What did they do to encounter an unruly death they couldn't have even imagined while stepping out of their homes. Its really very sad, and while watching the news on TV, my eyes watered in utmost fear and sadness at the mission being carried out to finish the enemy. It was very scary, yet touching to watch our armed forces handle the dangerous mission so fearlessly. No words can compare!

It is obviously noticed in recent times, India is being targeted like hell. Why? Is there no one to solve the much needed crucial matters instead of fighting like cats and dogs in the house of the speakers. One should watch them behaving like kids, which is definitely unacceptable and stupidity on their parts. They need to be discussing how to keep the city secure instead of poking into their own personal affairs. We, the ordinary people have to buck up and carry out safely measures on our own. Just like how Mandira Bedi, a celeb of the big and small screen lashed out and said that "we shouldn't pay our taxes when we aren't given security of our lives, we should do something for our safely first" How true??

Mumbai is home to the biggies, and is known as the city that never sleeps! I think the city is gathering their wits and courage to face reality and gear up for the festive season. The Taj, the same hotel where the bloody siege took place, has reopened since three weeks of the terror. Though people are trying, there will always be a fear in the heart, but for now, lets pray for the victims and mat rays whose lives were taken three weeks ago and hope the city is back to normal once again.

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Two days more for Christmas and i can already hear Santa's bells ringing in the air :).. that's probably because i want to hear and feel the excitement the festive season brings in. I haven't been out for quite a while and shopping will be last minute, not that i don't have three sets already given to be tailored! hehe.. But the last minute shopping, is the best, the pre excitement shows the spirit of Christmas everywhere with the whole market decorated for the festive season. Not only the market but almost, the whole of the city is brightly decorated and Christmas carols play everywhere. I love visiting when the smell of scrumptious freshly baked cakes fill the air and most of all, one has to bump into some relative or some old pal! That's fun, really :)

Well, the night before Christmas we buy the kids their gifts, wrap them up and hide them away. Comes the morning and they search like mad.. i actually tell them that Santa hides away the gifts because its fun to search for them. I remember, as a kid, i used to act out the nativity story along with our other hostel mates and that was before our vacations would began. I enjoyed doing that as a christian every year during my 8 long years of life in the boarding! From being one of the sheep when i was little, to changing different characters every year and then moved on to join the choir :). We also used to have Santa coming over to visit us and give us gifts, and i believed in Santa a lot during those years of my life. Those years will be most cherished..

Christmas day is spent in fun and laughter with relatives who come over, and cakes, cookies, drinks and other food stuffs are offered. The best of the best meals are cooked to enjoy the feast with the guests. Its quite sometime since i've actually celebrated Christmas at its best just like when i was a kid, with my grandparents and a huge family and also while being a boarder. But Christmas is still celebrated with its spirit in the heart and with my family :). Our family get together and exchanging of wishes and gifts are still there.. everything is sill celebrated the same way.. yet there is something missing somewhere.. maybe my childhood :)

Wish you all a very very bright and joyous Christmas..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hey any music lovers lovers around? I've come across a multi-media site which seems pretty interesting for those who wish to play either music, videos or video games and not only that, its very similar to any community or networking site so many people join these days, where media and music will be the topic discussed throughout the site. The site is and you also sign up, because i have already done so, and enjoying myself thoroughly!

The great thing about the site is the free download of music, which also ensures that the artists whose music we love are given their due credit, and we, the fans of music get to enjoy their music for free! You can also join forums chats, read blogs about music, event talk, join groups and get the latest news about your favourite music or favourite singer/group. Wow! that's something i've hot upon which is going to be the latest excitement, as i love music and hanging around on kerchoonz will be real fun :)

Did i forget to say that you can also earn a few bucks by referrals? well yes, if you a artist or fan, you refer other bands and artists and get paid! Its all for free and so beneficial to everyone.



Well its Alisha's monthly update and guess what? she 26 months now! very naughty and innocently cunning ;).. this month she had begun telling me the boo boo(the ghost) has taken away the remote, haha, when i want to watch my favourite channel on television!

Its getting chili here in Calcutta and shes not willing to wear her woollens, and hides it beside the bed.. now that makes me real mad.. coz if she catches a cold, it'll be quite uneasy for her. Chances of a fever! Oh no, i cant even think about it.. ill convince her and will put up with the tantrums and screaming :)

She is an animal lover, just like her aunt and whenever the cat which strays into our home in search of milk or food, shes like singing and dancing with her hands up in the air and says "kitty aya(came), kitty aya"! yeah in a cocktail of Hindi/English ;) and she lets the cat purr on her, plays with it, loves it! i wish i had a pet one for her, for the cat doesn't seem to come anymore :(..

Still oves her tea, her bread, butter and tea.. and is not fussy anymore and shes enjoying whatever is given to her to eat. Even liked her veggies, meat, fish, prawns and eggs unlike her elder brother, Aryan, and am happy for that. Can someone tell me why shes liking to eat raw potatoes? i think i know why but would like to check it out with moms :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bakrid also known as Eid Ul Adha, festival of the Muslims was celebrated quite recently in and around India, the festival of sacrifice, which is because of the commemoration of Abraham's willingness to offer up his only son Ishmael. Being a converted Muslim myself, it was even in my family(in laws) that celebrated with our loved ones, with prayers, good will and distribution of the sacrificed meat to relatives, neighbours and the poor. The meat of camels, goats or cows are sacrificed on this day and divided into three parts of which one part will be kept for the family, the other for relatives and friends, and third for the poor. The festival is celebrated for continuous four days and the slaughter can take part any hour after prayers to the lord. Sweet dishes are also distributed among the neighbours, apart from the meat. Delicious dishes are prepared and families celebrate with great happiness.

It has been 9 long years and not only post marriage, have i been part of these festivals since my childhood, and my heart buries into the whole ceremony of any festival, be it at Christmas(Christian festival) or Id(Muslim festival), Durga Puja or Diwali(Hindu festival). I enjoy every festival from the core of my heart.

I am indeed, very lucky to be able to be a part of any festival, not everyone gets the chance. My kids are also lucky too and they love celebrating all the festivals just like their mom:) On this note, i would like to wish everyone happy holidays and joyous Christmas shopping!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hey guys, i found a way to display the files you're hearing to your gtalk messenger. Its a cool of showing of your collection of music when you're chatting or not. If you have media player downloaded, then you got to work a bit to get things set up but nothing tough.. at first i wasn't getting it to work, but i tried going to the tools, then clicked on the plug-ins option, on which a category and visualisation window opens up. Selected the background and then checked to see if the google talk music plug in is clicked with a correct sign. It wasn't, and maybe that was the reason the music was being displayed in my gtalk. As i checked that box and clicked apply, the music i was listening to on my windows media player showed in the the gtalk. If you don't have the plug in, you got to download it from the web itself.

I then checked the setting for my gtalk, and made sure the audio option had the share music enable. That was all i had to do.. and i enjoy it anyway!

Friends were also excited and i guided them the same way:).. Now its fun, as have can view which music is being played on which of our friends players;)

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