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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hey guys, i found a way to display the files you're hearing to your gtalk messenger. Its a cool of showing of your collection of music when you're chatting or not. If you have media player downloaded, then you got to work a bit to get things set up but nothing tough.. at first i wasn't getting it to work, but i tried going to the tools, then clicked on the plug-ins option, on which a category and visualisation window opens up. Selected the background and then checked to see if the google talk music plug in is clicked with a correct sign. It wasn't, and maybe that was the reason the music was being displayed in my gtalk. As i checked that box and clicked apply, the music i was listening to on my windows media player showed in the the gtalk. If you don't have the plug in, you got to download it from the web itself.

I then checked the setting for my gtalk, and made sure the audio option had the share music enable. That was all i had to do.. and i enjoy it anyway!

Friends were also excited and i guided them the same way:).. Now its fun, as have can view which music is being played on which of our friends players;)


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