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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hey any music lovers lovers around? I've come across a multi-media site which seems pretty interesting for those who wish to play either music, videos or video games and not only that, its very similar to any community or networking site so many people join these days, where media and music will be the topic discussed throughout the site. The site is and you also sign up, because i have already done so, and enjoying myself thoroughly!

The great thing about the site is the free download of music, which also ensures that the artists whose music we love are given their due credit, and we, the fans of music get to enjoy their music for free! You can also join forums chats, read blogs about music, event talk, join groups and get the latest news about your favourite music or favourite singer/group. Wow! that's something i've hot upon which is going to be the latest excitement, as i love music and hanging around on kerchoonz will be real fun :)

Did i forget to say that you can also earn a few bucks by referrals? well yes, if you a artist or fan, you refer other bands and artists and get paid! Its all for free and so beneficial to everyone.



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  1. carrie spencer said... is great! i just joined. thanks!

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