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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Families are precious and when it comes to saving lives, the women power can go to the extremes. About the Science part, even recently when a study claimed that stem cells found in a women's menstrual blood can be stored and be of great benefit for future use, to help cure bad diseases. That also proved women power.

Alzheimes, Autism, Anemias, Blood and Liver Disease, Bone and cartilage deformities, Brain tumors, Burn, Cancer (brain, breast, ovarian, renal cell, melanoma, leukemia, and other types), Diabetes, Paralysis, Testicular Cancer are some of the many diseases that can be cured by the use of stem cells. So can you imagine the miracle behind the newly researched blood stem cells found in menstrual blood? Though there are similarities between these stem cells and bone marrow stem cells, the bone marrow stem cells don't have a well-established history to be sure that it can cure a huge range of diseases. Well, its promised that the newly found stem cells will prove much effective and will infact prove a success, a miracle.

Below is the collection kit that you will be ordering if you make a decision, a once in a lifetime decision. It depends entirely on you if you would like to order a certain plan from three different plans which you will come across when you visit the site from where you will be ordering your kit.
Upon receiving the attractive kit right to your doorstep by FedEx delivery, you will
find the complete material for helping you collect your menstrual stem cells for processing and preservation, for saving lives in the future.

At C'elle there is a huge offer going and that is if you purchase their product, you will be able to gift your friend a free Celle service! Its part of the 'caring is sharing' promotion offer and is limited, so please make a decision to save lives immediately and be a part of the C'elle Client Testimonial list and benefit from that, right now!

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Terror had struck in Calcutta last night, actually the whole day, and it wasn't only in Calcutta but the whole of India before Calcutta was threatened.. i don't want to mention specific terms or names here but if you may want to go have a look at news to see whats happening in India.. please go Here and please friends, please pray for all the innocent lives taken by some brutal and insane people!

I was terrified too, as i went out to my in-laws place yesterday and its such a co-incidence as i usually don't move out of my home only to find out later in the news that.. Read here for shocking news!.. pardon me, sometimes i don't like to mention terms and names as i said so i use links and I hope you will visit the sites and read the shocking news, also pray for those in distress... please...

Ok, thank god our city was safe and nothing as such happened but the cruel intentions were carried out in other cites like Bangalore, Ahmadabad etc which were quite shocking as i cant believe what the innocent have to go through, why cant they target their actual enemies? Calcutta used to be the safest place, i've ever known but now we the entire city is horrified with people thinking twice whether to venture out of their homes or not.. its only god who can protect us and keep us safe.. Am praying this horrifying phase dies down soon.

I don't intend to create disturbance in the minds of my readers but just want to make people aware of the dangers lurking in our country and my city.. Why cant the world join hands to make this world a better place.. Time will only, tell..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Have you heard of the powerful multi training networking company Cisco? If you desire a successful career in the IT field, no matter if you are just starting out or you need to enhance your career, a Cisco certification can be the right choice for all your business solutions. You may or may not have any knowledge about certification or training, but at Cisco you get educated and can get your career empowered with various career options.

Network professionals and their organisations can be rewarded and can gain immense value by the IT certification programs available through Cisco Career Certifications. They offer three levels of general IT certification which is of an Associate, Professional and Expert and each level has six different tracks which can be matched to a certification part in a certain role or industry. The six different tracks are such as Routing and Switching, Network Security, Service Provider, Design, Storage Networking and voice.

One can pursue an IT curricula by the training programmes and resources available through authorized Cisco sources who employ certified Instructors and deliver Cisco authorized and approved content, including product-specific training, technology training and certification-preparation courses.

As replacements for old technologies with new technologies are on the rise, and the demand for skilled professionals too, one may want to decide which certification should be best suited for a certain career path. At Cisco they will help you make the right decision which could even make a professional out of you! Are you ready to take up the challange and prove yourself a bright career in one of the most successful companies? Then get going from Cisco, your choice for all IT business solutions!

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I cant see my green buddy anymore of the top of my browser which means Google has slammed a white buddy onto me by dropping my pr from 2 to 0!!! How it feels right now i cant express in words, just feel like changing things overnight to see my green buddy again:)..

I miss you Mr green but i guess its time we parted, and i'll try not to miss you anymore.. ill keep waiting for you.. maybe someday you'll be back to bring a broader smile on my face:)

As for now, am going to concentrate on my blog more as i had been pretty inactive and my pr was likely to drop.. i expected that, not that i didn't. I have been hopping around from blog to blog and saw many pr drops!! Hmmm.. i wonder about the reactions once its noticed..

Anyway i am also too excited to bother about the drop of my Google page rank as theres something more exciting coming my way in a few days time.. i'll let you all know once its done, so till then, please don't cry over your drops and enjoy the many other realities over the internet:)

Not to forget to mention, the awards are also on the way.. take care:)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tagged by Jccleofe, one of my newest and good friend.. a mom of two boys:)

Here’s the rules:

A. List these rules on your blog.

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C. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

You’ll have to read on for my 7 facts and see who I tagged.

1. I'm a very reserved person and i love my privacy...
2. I'm passionate about music, creativity and painting...
3. I love my family and friends and can go out of my way to be with them whenever they need me...
4. I hate to show off my pictures in public...
5. I don't know whats a c-section as i haven't been through one...
6. In a month, i just go out twice or trice, the rest of the time am at home...
7. I was/am a catholic and married a Muslim post converting to Islam...

Now I'd like to tag some of my newest friends;).. who i haven't tagged before:)

Twinkle toe

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have been a very strong believer in feng shui since the time i was able to understand what it is all about. It was three years ago, there was a huge craze for feng shui products all over town and you would get to see the laughing Buddhas welcoming you at almost every second persons main door and metal frogs with coins in their mouths, seated comfortably on office tables. All this, for the desire to gain luck and positivity. I strongly believe that's its our inner belief and not a forceful one. I mean, you cant force luck into your life if you don't work for it, can you? I did buy a feng shui book where i could read and accordingly follow for the rules of feng shui for the well fare of my home, but somewhere the hearts interest faded away. I don't even have a bamboo plant which i would love to keep but which i believe it works, if only it is gifted. I do still keep my book for future use, though and i hope i can bring to every ones knowledge what i have learned from feng shui(not from the book but from research)

Though the urge to set up my home according to feng shui had once faded, the belief hasn't and hopefully will never. So am all set to get out and buy some lovely feng shui pieces for my home asap.. i want to have my laughing Buddha welcoming my guests with his enthusiasm laugh once again and want to touch his tummy so that i can have great luck and positivity flowing throughout my home. So as i restart my journey as a feng shui believer, i hope you will also be back to gain plenty of knowledge from the posts to come:)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I havent been posting since two days and am already feeling so lost, like as if the world is moving ahead much more faster than me.. It was tiring as baby Alisha had a runny nose due to the bad wheather here. I was also not well, sneezing my life out yesterday but i couldnt figure the reason out. I dont take meds in a hurry so i prefered to keep sneezing until today, and am quite ok enough now, to type at least! I missed visiting my favourite forums and communities and my blogger mates badly.. as blogging alone doesnt make any sense and they're a large part of me, these days:)

I think its time am giving away my precious award created by me to my favourite blog friends, just give me two days and i'll be awarding you all:). In the mean time, i hope you all are having great fun blogging away to glory:)

See ya soon!:)

Tagged by Liza. :)

:: July 22, 2008

:: 6.30 am.

:: No.


:: 27 years old

:: Mature;)

:: Mummy/mom/mamma and papa.

:: No, i'm the second eldest amoungst us four siblings.

:: To a shopping mall!.

:: yes

:: yes

:: Am married already

:: My husband

:: Yes/no

:: I look very young compared to my age;)


:: Brad pitt;)

18. WOULD U LIKE TO MEET Josh Hartnett?
:: Dont know the person

19. where do u think ur bestfriend is?
:: My elder sister

:: I talk almost everyday!

:: Dunno

:: A big birthday bash, as ususal

:: A Chevrolet spark

:: Dont know the...

:: I love wearing make-up(only when i go out)

:: Lipgel

:: I would, only if were not painful!

:: No, never

:: Am happy with, just two:)

:: No

:: Careless whisper

:: I do

:: Out to shopping!

Will tag every other blogger who visits here:)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Right now its feels at the top of the world, because am able to make some money online especially without any form of investments,long surveys, affiliates etc.. Time doesn't permit a mommy to go though long surveys, money is too precious to invest and these can be really mind-boggling especially if your a home maker and you have kids and family to care for. I think is an excellent site where you can write about your favourite topics and yet get paid for it. SocialSpark is great for mommy bloggers because, as they stay at home caring for kids/family they aren't able to take a job outside their homes but you don't need a job outside your home anymore when you can make quick money to cover up extra expenses right from your home itself.

I really enjoy looking around the site and viewing the opportunities, which offer a fair amount of money. I just take up any offer that i love to write and social spark approves my post the very next day! It creates a feeling of proudness withen a mommy like me who can now do something for my family, and earn that little amount which is lots for me, as any amount is never less:). There are many other mommy's already earning enough from the site and when i think that even i am one of them, it makes me feel more and more motivated to earn.

Mommy bloggers, this is a great place to get to interact with other mommy's and the advertisers too! While you work from home, you are able to care for your children and earn some money to raise them well or you can save up the money for a rainy day. If you are still unaware from where you can sign up, just join me in my journey from

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You said toddlers aren't smart enough to fool their parents? you're wrong if you even thought that because this toddler, born yesterday, living at 'my' home.. fools her mama everyday ;).. Its none other than baby Alisha and her new strategy, which she uses to get some juice.. actually mango juice.. Hahaha.. Few day ago, she never knew to drink from a glass but now she's learnt to tell her mama to be busy with her computer while the smarty, Carry's out her plans:)

I bought a glass of mango drink for myself, kept it on the table and came to check my computer.. baby comes and tells me in some language, something like dab, dab, pat, pat.. English ha?? i looked to my PC but one eye still on her.. and guess what i saw? she took the glass to a corner and was sipping away my juice!

After a few sips, she comes and tells me to do my work again, and like that she drinks up the whole juice! i never realized that until the juice was almost over but i let her have her way with the rest, just to admire her cunning mind and cleverness!:)

How smart is your toddler?? :)

One of my best friends is ready to tie the matrimonial knot and moving abroad, and soon she'll be looking forward to building her newly modern furnished home. I am quite aware that she will undoubtedly scan the Internet for some new Modern Furniture stores to see what she can pick up, and I think am going to be of some help with this new modern furniture store which i've found. Their store has beautiful modern designs, unique and made to suit every individuals style. Of course each of us have our own style of living and every single room in our home must be different, yet furnished according to our needs. I think she'll love the styles and will never think twice to spend on beautiful furniture, as long as its got elegance mixed with comfort.

One thing to come home to, after a hectic day is a perfect Modern Bedroom which is mainly a comfort zone. Some of the platform beds in the store, have my heart melting and its strictly recommended(by me) that you better check out the Contemporary walk-on platform bed of different sensations in wenge and shiny red lacquer(picture right above). The horizontal lines and the design of the handles are further points in this modern platform bed's favor. The feel is quite sober, neat and yet pretty modern.

At, they market the furniture's minus middlemen and extra costs which is how they're able to deliver furniture's that are well-designed, well-made yet stylish and affordable. Other furniture's sets include kids room, dining room, living room sets which are fairly priced as per quality and style, so you could even buy your style no matter how choosy you are!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tagged by Martini..

The mighty Genie King and the beautiful Genie Princess from the magical Land of Faraway are back! Upon escaping the clutches of their Evil Master after being held captive for 1000 years, the magical genies have been busy flying on their Magical Flying Carpet, granting wishes and spreading love throughout the blogosphere.

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* End Copy Here*

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I have heard that Diet Pills are taken by a number of people who wish to loose weight and flaunt thin bodies with a little or no effort. These diet pills speed up the process of weight loss without having to encounter a slow weight loss regime or consuming foods that tend to make a person fat. Its actually weight loss made easy, no need for missing out on your favourite sweets provided you don't over eat!

There are various diet pills out in the market and can be safely used, under your doctor advice or unless you gather ample information about a certain pill. OROVO, is an effective pill that was once known to successfully help a mother lose 10 pounds in 10 days, acne and blackheads also disappeared after taking the pill. This pill was invented by the mother who never indented to lose weight by the pill but landed up inventing the pill for weight loss and skin solutions. The pill can be used by celebrities, athletes and those looking for a perfect skin. Check out for more information about the best pills in the market.

I read it in the papers, miss Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza 22 took away the crown at the miss universe held in Vietnam and she will now be the reigning queen for the whole of this year, as Miss universe 2008. I haven't watched the pageant this year but her photos are all over the net and you can see her stunning beauty, she did deserve the sparkling, white and yellow gold crown. Didn't she?

She was once kidnapped from her country, and even she admits that it was during those times that she had learned to be more calm in stressful times.

In the pictures, shes trying hard to hold back those happy tears while being crowned by the miss universe 2007. Congratulations from India, Dayana!!

What she does next.. shes going to travel the world to put forth her good intentions to help in charitable work and speak on humanitarian issues.

I'll update this post once there some more news out:)

Monday, July 14, 2008


I recently signed up to explore the surveys online, and on my sign up i received a bonus of $20 instant from, provided i complete a few surveys that takes around just 10 minutes. Unfortunately, because i am from India i wasn't eligible for the bonus offer but the offer is open worldwide so before i go on, please Click here to begin your surveys and make money online in just a few minutes. Most of the offers are exciting ones, where you get paid to try the products.

As a new member there were offers lined up and all free to complete. I didn't have to pay one single penny and yet completed most of them, those that i were eligible for. I completed my profile page which gives more chances for more and more surveys and freebies and then visited the fourums for discussions with other members. On the latest offer section, an amount of $15 for ordering a free kit in the USA!

Did i also mention that you can earn from referring your friends? That's right, you will be given a link which your family and friends can use for signing up and you'll be paid through pay pal. So there is no need for checks and other hassles, just complete the fun surveys and get paid.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

This beautiful award was given to me by Blucrystaldude, whom i have always thought as an extraordinary person.. the world is flocking to his blog for his popularity is famous among other fellow bloggers and its all because of his own efforts, his efforts to stand out and be unique in writing.. i sometimes think him as a perfectionist too, in the sense that though you wont find ten posts from him in a day but just one or two can get your mind to wonder, is he the next pro writer??

Now frankly speaking i have come across many wonderful bloggers blogging their minds out, many of which are awesome. Each one has their own unique way of blogging, no one can judge how a person should blog but Bluecrystaldude simply makes a dull day bright, with all his travelling experiences and he creates a tiny dull piece of news into something so magical, you'll wonder you've already read the news somewhere but how come it wasn't so interesting then!

No wonder he was even awarded the blog of the month by Blue dreamer, and you can take a look at his big interview right there on his blog

That's why i keep going back to his blog and yeah, mind you, hes just in his early 20's and i think he does have the talent and the ability to turn a pro:)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Its the time of the year when the heat makes us sweaty and irritated and we long to escape the cruel summer, by dropping a visit back to winter! Nothing hurts to plan your holidays in luxury and style, and i think there isn't any time of the year that's not suitable for a holiday at a home away from home.

The desire to play your favourite ski and golf games, and the escape from the heat.. all that can be fulfilled by, where specialists are dedicated to organizing the best skiing experience for you. The UK based company is experienced by 40 years and at the resort they'll create an atmosphere, like a home away from home and you can count on the resort as your holidaying destiny every year!

Courchevel, France is one premiere resort known for its luxurious accommodations, perfect groom runs and carries a reputation for excellent skiing records. The resort has had great late snow sessions couple of winters, so Easter holidaying can be a great idea. At the courchevel chalet, one can get to feel at home with its high ceilings, huge fire place in the sitting rooms, vast dining areas and large wooden balconys from where one can get a breathtaking view of the snow covered mountains. A place to spend your lazy evenings with a glass of wine, a book in hand and the music playing softly:) I wish i get to live this life one day!

Meribal, France is known for its picturesque village that's embedded right in the heart of 3 valleys and is the perfect resort for fun off and on the slope. Sunlight and snow, both are combined to give you a thrilling experience. You love slope style? superb ski/boards with bumps and pipes are all available for your enjoyment on the mountains.

St Anton, Austria has non stop action at the slopes. It has an extended ski area and heavy snow falls, which is why skiing is a very active activity at the resort.

The luxury ski chalet serves fantastic wine and food, which makes the place so homly. So if you eat and sleep ski and golf and your latest dream is to live your skiing holidays in style, then get away to France and Austria and live your dream:)

The office/work/collage goer often either skips his breakfast or either gorges on it, only to make matters worse. The former is in such a haste, he brushes his teeth, wears his clothes and off to work.. does everything right but skips his main meal of the day, his breakfast. The latter cant wait to have his moms/wifes spicy puri and aloo dum, even before brushing his teeth.. and both their days result in a tired, either empty or unhealthy stomach.

Don't do these things, aim at having a healthy breakfast just like how you aim for success. These few steps will open your eyes to a new healthy breakfast world and success will follow, later ;)

Nutritionists advice carbohydrates, fibre and iron should be a part of a healthy breakfast and calories consumed should be about one/sixth of the days requirements. Those on diet, wont get far by skipping breakfast for studies show that those who skip meals, tend to have a higher urge for a heavier meal later on in the day which makes the person likely to gain weight!

For Dieters:
Skipping a meal isn't a part of dieting, eating healthy is. Begin your day with a glass of tepid water, the juice of a lemon and a tbsp of honey. Eat a bowl of fresh mixed fruit(avoid the excess sweet and high calorie ones) for breakfast. Follow with two boiled egg whites and a glass of milk(no sugar).

Light breakfast:
Upma prepared in greens and less oil and two slices of brown bread is perfect. white bread is not permissible as it is made of refined flour.(MORE 'UPDATES' TO COME LATER)

Egg whites are permissible on your breakfast list, boiled and poached eggs are not.

A complete breakfast should be a large bowl of cereal mixed with mixed fruit and a glass of skimmed milk. The water content is high and you wont get dehydrated.

Happy 'healthy' breakfast to you :))

Courtesy: OK! Magazine

Jamie Lynn Spears 17, had given birth on 19Th of June. The baby girl was named 'Maddie Briann Aldridge' and they even have explanations for the name, i guess it flew over 'my' head :)

Jamie is enjoying motherhood as she has expressed to OK! magazine, even posed for a beautiful mother daughter picture for the same magazine. And we all got to view a cute little 'Maddie' in young Mommy's Jamie's lap:)

I love taking care of her. It is so much fun. I just want to hug her and kiss her, and I'm happy all the time," she told OK!.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Every second person you come across wants to make money online, they are willing to leave no stone unturned and prove what could never have been possible, without some interest to search the sites that genuinely pay. I never believed they actually pay, with or without some investment. I remember stumbling onto some websites more than a year ago(i was very knew to the blogger world at that time) and people claimed, they were earning from Google AdSense. I never believed it could be genuine, finally i decided to sign up and i have already got paid by check through mail.. i've even got proof but i know everyone is getting paid too, so what the big deal! :)

Note: Google doesn't use pay pal for payments as i noticed some newbies needed some information about payments, from a forum i visit often. If you don't have pay pal.. you can get it from HERE

As i go about using the sites to generate some money, i will put down the website names and my experiences with online earning. As you can see i didn't start blogging with intentions to earn even a single dollar online but looks like am in my best phase for this year, at least.

Few days back, i read that there is a 'new', remember 'NEW' Paid to browse site:). Its just like a search engine, like google, yahoo, msn etc and you use that for your usual internet surfing and dont think of cheating them ever;)

You just have to follow the rules: 'This service is for your normal Internet searching where you INTEND TO USE THE RESULTS RETURNED AND NOT FOR SEARCHING TO JUST ARTIFICIALLY GENERATE REVENUE' and enjoy getting paid to surf. They Pay through PAY PAL too.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

When my sister bought herself a pair of prescription glasses, i noticed the frame was so beautiful and i wanted one for myself to help protect my eyes when am out in the sun. I wouldn't be surprised if you are also looking for beautiful framed eyeglasses that help you to read and protect your eyes. If you are on the lookout for cheap and stylish eyeglasses, then visit

Have a look at the collection on this page at I admired a lovely pair of pink frames, the one in the picture that looks pretty stylish. The company ships eyeglasses to any part of the world and they will charge you a shipping fee of just $4.75, for any amount of glasses you purchase from them in one order. They sell eyeglasses to customers of all ages and those who are looking for quality prescription glasses can browse their collection of sunsensor (potochromic)lens, tinted suglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens.

At you can buy yourself a complete single vision eyeglass at just $8. The secret behind the cheap eyeglasses is that they sell their own manufactured frames with no virtual advertising budget or middle man, as they sell direct to customers from their own factories. Of course, you will need a eyeglass prescription to fill out your order if you make up your mind to purchase any guaranteed eyeglass from them.

My friend Lalaine sent me this tag, shes a very sweet mother of two kids and a great friend and well wisher. I wish my blog friends, all of them take this tag from me please:).. as i think its a way we can all get some more exposure to our blogs and along with that we can also feel togetherness while we are in the blogosphere, at least.

We are all from different parts of the world but when we are blogging, its like we're all one family visiting each other and sharing love amongst ourselves. Isn't it so wonderful to travel together with our fellow bloggers?.. come lets all travel the Continents as we pass on tag after tag to different bloggers:)

Begin Copy
Rules :
1. Start Copy from "Begin Copy" until "End Copy".2. Put your blog's name and url write in which continent you live, add the country you live in. Example : My Imaginary Travels (Netherlands)3. Leave your url post in here and you'll be added in the Master List.4. Please help spread this tag by tagging your friends as much as you can.5. Don't play unfair! If you have more than 1 blog, you can participate all your blogs for this tag. BUT you will have to post this tag to all your blogs as well. So, please. Don't cheat!6. Please come back again to copy the update of the master list, often. This process will help new participants to get the same gains as the first participants.7. Don't forget to use the banner at your post, you can save as or you can just copy the code in here.
Master List :
A. Asia : 1. Moms... Check Nyo (Philippines) 2. Hailey's Beats and Bits (Philippines) 3. allinkorea (Korea) 4. kimchiland (Korea) 5. korean food (Korea) 6. idealpinkrose (Korea) 7. Manna from Heaven (Philippines) 8. and Life Goes On for... (Philippines) 9. Proud Mommy (Philippines) 10. Lalaine's World ( Thailand) 11. Nishas World and baby Alisha (India)

B. Australia : 1. your turn
C. Afrika : 1. your turn
D. North Amerika : 1. your turn
E. South Amerika : 1. your turn
F. Europe : 1. My Imaginary Travels (Netherlands) 2. Juliana's Site (Netherlands) 3. Picturing of Life (Netherlands) 4. Portia (UK) 5. your turn
G.Antarctica : 1. your turn
~ End Copy ~

I have already tagged you, above. If you come across my blog and this post, please dont ignore the tag.. its a request:)

This months is known as the cord blood awareness month. As parents our responsibility towards our children's future is never ending and one more very important decision to safe guard our children's future is by preserving our newborns umbilical cord blood for future use. The umbilical cord blood can protect you with up to 70 diseases, 8,000 transplants already carried out, worldwide.

At, safe solutions for cord blood banking preservation are offered by the experts who are also pioneering their way in research for more solutions to preserve stem cells. The company has successfully stored more than 150,000 cord blood samples. Their highly trained child birth educators are available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Its always safe considering preservation of your baby's stem cells with a private blood cord bank rather than a public one, for reasons:

Private/family blood bank: your cells rights are preserved by the client, one-time processing fee and storage fees by the client, Client controls the use of his or her cells, client can use the cells for future cellular therapies to potentially treat stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and other serious medical conditions.

Public blood bank: Donor relinquishes ownership upon donation, no cost to the donor nor for the donation, could of been used by someone else-only about 40% of the donated cord blood will meet the criteria to process and store; the other donated blood samples are discarded or donated for research, very less likely to be available for future therapies.

Once you've read and understood how cord blood stem cells banking will assure a better future for your babys, its time for your lifetime decisison after which you can enroll with an innovative cord blood bank, Cryo-Cell with trust and they will see to the rest.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Today was wastage day at my home! My little Baby Angel Alisha was as usual so sweet and quiet sitting on the bed playing alone, no noise, no mama, mummy.. but there wasn't anything fishy about anything until my hubby who was at the computer suddenly jumped out his seat ran to Alisha, a new bottle of shampoo was soaking all over her.. on her hair, legs, dress.. and we quickly bathed her. If it wasn't for the smell of baby Johnson shampoo all over the room, we would be all swimming in bubbles inside the room itself! ha ha And no it wasn't my fault, i was away in the kitchen.

The same was with a pack of butter, some days ago.. she was oiling her body and shampooing her hair with the butter!! The sight made me mad as i hate the smell of leaked or melted butter.. aaarrrghhhh.. i gave her two taps in anger and then cajoled and pampered her with chocolates, biscuits, frooti(mango drink):)

OK, now i know what she intended to do- butter her hair as an alternative to the shampoo and make up for it! ha ha but this sure is the age to get more fidgety with all the household and food stuffs, so moms you should better be more alert!

What.. what am i hearing? sometimes you're too busy to notice, sometimes your mind wanders away while writing posts?? ha ha.. that's exactly what i go through at times! never mind, things happen.. we're all hardworking, devoted and careful moms, and babies are full of naughtiness.. Neither is to blame:)

Bed Bugs Guide

You may have heard and read about these tiny blood sucking bugs invading the beds of human beings, biting and depriving them of their sleep. You could also be one of the victims from those annoying bites by a bed bug, making sleep a hell when its so important. Your pets can be bitten too. Though your pet is protected with fur and that makes it hard for them to get through, but they can bite on plain skin! Maybe you were unaware of what they are, but some day you find your body covered with red rashes or bumps, and the infected area itches terribly. Be sure your mattress has become the home for bed bugs, though they can be found anywhere these tiny being can fit. They tend to hide in beds, so at night before dawn, they crawl out and find they way to your skin as your skin can be good source of food for these bugs.

Travellers should be more careful, as they tend to carry the bugs home. While you stayed at a hotel or at a persons place whose place was already infected, its very likely they would travel with you. My relatives are very hygienic and take precautions while travelling. They carry a spray whenever they travel and thank god when they were in India at a hotel, they had the spray called Rest Easy there too, and they were no complains when they got back to the states! Sorry i don't have them at home but am sure they could be targeting public places, to be their homes.

Next thing, try getting rid of them. If your calling in a pest control, before they arrive, dry out all mattresses and linens in the sun and check for them in places where they could be in hiding. Rap all uninfected materials tightly in plastic bags and leave in the sun. Consider steam cleaning your home if you want to use home and natural remedies and its also very effective at killing any bed bugs or eggs that come into contact with it. For more info, look into the website at They have a good source of information about bugs which i have already found out so much and it feels like am prepared for war with them, but am hoping they don't make my home theirs, too!

Today, my in-laws have left for Ajmer Shariff, The resting place of 'Gharib-Nawaz', Moinuddin Chishti. I have been there just two years back to pay my respects to the saint, after which i visited four cities with my husband and in-laws. This year, we couldn't accompany them for reasons like Aryans(my son) schooling and my husbands work.

The place smells so religiously beautiful and crowds in numerous numbers visit the Dargah to seek blessings and enjoy the URS(6 days of prayers and celebrations). It is said the saint grants wishes of his devotees who wish anything with a pure and devout heart and i, myself was one of them whose wish was grated:) Not only the Muslims but devotees, irrespective of their faith, visit Ajmer to and offer their respects and ask for wishes to granted by the saint. last year even Himesh Rehamiya(singer) was there before a competition, he said he has great belief in the saint and was mentor to the winner who won the sa re ga ma pa competition! Hes a Hindu by religion.

But there are six special days celebrated annually in Ajmer, in respect to the six days of prayer by the saint himself while in solitude, before the he passed away. The six days start around this time of July and am supposed to be there but am here, feeling quite low:(.. The last time i was there, couldn't be free to enjoy as i was 8 months pregnant with baby Alisha!

The saint is popularly known as 'Gharib Nawaz' (protector of the poor), because of his devotion and love towards the poor and mankind. It is in ajmer(central Rajasthan) in the premises of the Dargah, that his mortal remains lie buried.

Friday, July 04, 2008

The first pregnant man has given birth to a healthy baby girl. PLEASE don't get shocked or offended by this news, its true. Now for the story behind the birth- 10 years ago, Thomas Beatie 34 actually a transgender, had been born female but underwent operations to surgically remove his breast and legalized his male gender. He has been married to Nancy a 54 year old for five year now but since Nancy couldn't conceive a baby the couple went in for an insemination at home, even though there were oppositions from doctors.

He was under Hormone therapy and lived as a man, but his desire and intention to father a child one day, got him to retain his female organs. "I feel it's not a male or female desire to have a child. It's a human need. I'm a person and I have the right to have a biological child" he told the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Beatie was a former beauty pageant contestant and was pregnant with triplets before, but dangerous complications compelled him into an abortion, as told by him to 'The Advocate', a U.S. magazine for gays, lesbians and transgender people.

'We're so excited. I just cannot wait to hold her in my arms and be a father. I can't believe she's inside me. She's our little miracle. I'm looking forward to holding her for the first time, to finally get to touch her and see her face.'

'I feel it's not a male or female desire to have a child,' he argued. 'It's a human need. I'm a person and I have the right to have a biological child. I have a very stable male identity.'

'Love makes a family and that's all that matters,' he said as he explains that he will be dad and Nancy will be mom, and they plan to make a happy home for the baby. Both are legally married as Thomas is legally male.

Three months ago, the pregnancy caused headlines when the story was out in the open, now the father and daughter have once again stormed headlines with the news of the 'pregnant mans baby'. Pictures of the baby are expected to fetch them as estimated £500,000!!

This makes me wonder if there is still place for Angelina, on television and newspapers.. Can i hear Brangelina scream??? ;)

Recently on TV i had been watching a show which proved how plastic surgery can help unhappy girls regain their natural faces. Scared or disfigured from birth or as a result of some mishap when they were little, these scars were in the way of living a happy life. They regarded themselves as not worthy of marriage or living in normal society and, of course, money being the main object- little could they do to correct their scars. But Sony television gave them each a new face, a new life. The girls had to stay away from their families for a few months while the procedure for the operations were being carried out. For the girls, the wait and the pain was unbearable and neither for the families. Their willpower+patience= amazing results.. Their new faces bought confidence, marriage proposals and an everlasting life of happiness.

That was cosmetic surgery for the helpless. What about the wealthy teens with bright futures ahead wanting to go under the knife for nose jobs, breast implants, Liposuction and what not! Not because their faces really needed critical correction but because they have the money, the influence. What about Michael Jackson or The cat lady, were they really that helpless with no alternatives? being stars and loaded with wealth, is it necessary to go under the knife. Maybe they need that to boost their career or to look good, but in many cases it actually proves a disaster!

And even if it did improve a persons beauty, there is no guarantee of happiness forever.. for how you see yourself, others may not see you the same. Especially if your happiness derives from how others look, feel and think about you!

Who said success cant be reached within a short span of time.. with an ability to work hard and prove your skills, success will be yours in no time. Just like the motivational story of Mr Andrew Wilshire, a investment adviser recruited by Beddows Commodities Inc. Mr.wilshire's predictions/analysis were being generated to several large commodity traders in 1997, when he began his own investment newsletter. Within two years, he was generating commissions worth millions of dollars from fast-growing brokerage house with more than 25 brokers, his previous venture being just a small financial newsletter.

Over the years, a large number of successful enterprises were being run by this man, all this accomplishment by his use of expertise as an adviser in finance and technology. His early success came from his ability to provide solutions, as in raising capital and applying technology, to financial markets and his most important the ability to use a combination of his vast experiences and the internet's marketing power to reach audiences near and far. Now there's no turning back for Mr.Wilshire, and the same can be your faith one day. So, does this story motivate you in any way? am sure it does:)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bloggers club

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I had received this beautiful and kinda emotional award from a dearest friend, coolingstar9 and am so so happy that he has showed so much appreciation for my friendship:) I think he has an enormous heart, himself. He has also been so motivational while commenting, each comment comes so honestly straight from the heart and i admire that type of a personality, those that are kind, loving and selfless. I had added cooling star on my face book profile and gave him an award(in fact three, he was happy that hes mentioned about me on his blog and thanked me for the award too:) That's a very sweet gesture to have written some lines for me, isn't it? Thanks coolingstar i will fulfill my promise of creating wonderful award for special friends soon.. and you will be one:)

He has put up well written posts about friendship, online work, news and so much more and his categories never seem to end. I am so glad to be a part of his blog and his blog awaits your presence too:)

Friendship for me is never conditional as it mustn't be a give and a take always, not at least a selfish one.. and while we are all here in this blogsphere to put our lives into words, make new friends and remain in their hearts forever.. we shall always be kind and giving to our blogger friends:) When one is in need of a little online advice, we should be always willing to help.. I am also here to help:) like to be my friend? :)

MiracleShopper Online Shopping

We've shopped on well known websites like,, etc etc.. there are numerous websites that allow Internet surfers to purchase products online. That's when an activity like shopping gets pretty time consuming, we choose to turn online :). No need for travelling hassles as time is precious, we can utilize it to accomplish other important goals in life. Ive stepped on a remarkable website which makes Online Shopping, a delight yet again. This flexible website brings the worlds best products from every established merchant together on one website, which can make any product accessible from any brand to any online store, on itself!

You need to shop for clothes, cars, sports, kids items, computers, jewellery, electronics? everything is possible to purchase here itself, but before that comparisons are always our first move once we choose a product and that's really mind boggling. Its really takes the life out of a person while surfing through online stores. But yes, here i am again to let you know that research and comparison between products from different stores, can be made so conveniently on miracleshoppers paradise ! That's because its now your one stop to online shopping. On the website while surfing for any product, just click on any category and the whole list will appear as thumbnails with their details below.

I used the term 'flexible' above as to explain that the website its clean and free of thousands of ad's at the sides. No lining up of images as in other stores where you have to keep surfing through a number of pages, as here all images open as thumbnails and that makes navigating the site so easy. The products are all linked to main categories and can be also easily accessed though sub categories. Well if you need to have a look at the entire listed selection just go to the end of the whole page and follow the links 'site index' and 'eBay index'.

Take a look at the miracle shopper sweepstakes where you have the chance to win a XBOX 360 Gaming Console! Right now, the top two picks feature a Nikon 80 digital camera with 18-135mm lens at $932 and an Apple ipod nano third gen, silver(4GB) at $99 only!

Comparing watches, a Citizen Eco-Drive Calibre 8700(a Solar Watch with a Perpetual Calendar) with a stainless steel/non-reflective face, anti-scratch and mineral crystal that absorbs light and charges its battery. Water resistant and a perpetual calender with automatic features like updates. Priced at $300

A Citizen Calibre 2100 - An affordable, luxury watch, with a battery that never needs to be replaced with a face of stainless steel, scratch resistant, and non-reflective, a crystal window which observes natural/artificial light and converts it into energy! A 240 days life span when fully charged. 200 meters (660 feet) Water resistant, 5-year manufacturer warranty, screw-back case, and screw-down crown.
Priced at $350.

Now no need for hopping around from store to store to compare and purchase your desired product. Simply add miracleshoppers to your faves, install their toolbar, also make use of their search icon and widget's if you have a blog site. And shopping online could never be better. Their main objective is to deliver a shopping experience as thrilling/exciting and user friendly as ever to their consumers. We respond that we are thrilled and excited, indeed!

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