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Monday, July 07, 2008

Today was wastage day at my home! My little Baby Angel Alisha was as usual so sweet and quiet sitting on the bed playing alone, no noise, no mama, mummy.. but there wasn't anything fishy about anything until my hubby who was at the computer suddenly jumped out his seat ran to Alisha, a new bottle of shampoo was soaking all over her.. on her hair, legs, dress.. and we quickly bathed her. If it wasn't for the smell of baby Johnson shampoo all over the room, we would be all swimming in bubbles inside the room itself! ha ha And no it wasn't my fault, i was away in the kitchen.

The same was with a pack of butter, some days ago.. she was oiling her body and shampooing her hair with the butter!! The sight made me mad as i hate the smell of leaked or melted butter.. aaarrrghhhh.. i gave her two taps in anger and then cajoled and pampered her with chocolates, biscuits, frooti(mango drink):)

OK, now i know what she intended to do- butter her hair as an alternative to the shampoo and make up for it! ha ha but this sure is the age to get more fidgety with all the household and food stuffs, so moms you should better be more alert!

What.. what am i hearing? sometimes you're too busy to notice, sometimes your mind wanders away while writing posts?? ha ha.. that's exactly what i go through at times! never mind, things happen.. we're all hardworking, devoted and careful moms, and babies are full of naughtiness.. Neither is to blame:)


  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    oh my hmmmm? tell alisha that i will try that too in my hair ..hehehe its
    a part being a kid right hehe
    by the way nisha i have a new post in my a scene to remember blog hope to hear a words from you there
    nisha said...
    Yeah bluedreamer, she'll be ever ready to wash your hair with butter shampoo.. will visit soon:)
    Anonymous said...
    she might want to use the butter as moisturizer, hehe...
    nisha said...
    Oh yeah martini.. and i think we'll name the product butter-n-shampoo;)

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