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Monday, July 07, 2008

Bed Bugs Guide

You may have heard and read about these tiny blood sucking bugs invading the beds of human beings, biting and depriving them of their sleep. You could also be one of the victims from those annoying bites by a bed bug, making sleep a hell when its so important. Your pets can be bitten too. Though your pet is protected with fur and that makes it hard for them to get through, but they can bite on plain skin! Maybe you were unaware of what they are, but some day you find your body covered with red rashes or bumps, and the infected area itches terribly. Be sure your mattress has become the home for bed bugs, though they can be found anywhere these tiny being can fit. They tend to hide in beds, so at night before dawn, they crawl out and find they way to your skin as your skin can be good source of food for these bugs.

Travellers should be more careful, as they tend to carry the bugs home. While you stayed at a hotel or at a persons place whose place was already infected, its very likely they would travel with you. My relatives are very hygienic and take precautions while travelling. They carry a spray whenever they travel and thank god when they were in India at a hotel, they had the spray called Rest Easy there too, and they were no complains when they got back to the states! Sorry i don't have them at home but am sure they could be targeting public places, to be their homes.

Next thing, try getting rid of them. If your calling in a pest control, before they arrive, dry out all mattresses and linens in the sun and check for them in places where they could be in hiding. Rap all uninfected materials tightly in plastic bags and leave in the sun. Consider steam cleaning your home if you want to use home and natural remedies and its also very effective at killing any bed bugs or eggs that come into contact with it. For more info, look into the website at They have a good source of information about bugs which i have already found out so much and it feels like am prepared for war with them, but am hoping they don't make my home theirs, too!


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