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Friday, July 18, 2008

Right now its feels at the top of the world, because am able to make some money online especially without any form of investments,long surveys, affiliates etc.. Time doesn't permit a mommy to go though long surveys, money is too precious to invest and these can be really mind-boggling especially if your a home maker and you have kids and family to care for. I think is an excellent site where you can write about your favourite topics and yet get paid for it. SocialSpark is great for mommy bloggers because, as they stay at home caring for kids/family they aren't able to take a job outside their homes but you don't need a job outside your home anymore when you can make quick money to cover up extra expenses right from your home itself.

I really enjoy looking around the site and viewing the opportunities, which offer a fair amount of money. I just take up any offer that i love to write and social spark approves my post the very next day! It creates a feeling of proudness withen a mommy like me who can now do something for my family, and earn that little amount which is lots for me, as any amount is never less:). There are many other mommy's already earning enough from the site and when i think that even i am one of them, it makes me feel more and more motivated to earn.

Mommy bloggers, this is a great place to get to interact with other mommy's and the advertisers too! While you work from home, you are able to care for your children and earn some money to raise them well or you can save up the money for a rainy day. If you are still unaware from where you can sign up, just join me in my journey from

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  1. coolingstar9 said...
    I am very happy to know that you have joined the site.
    It is good for mom to write something which they like yet they can earn something for the family.
    Sincerely wish you earn enough money for your family, kids.
    Time is ready precious , please enjoy your blogging and make full use of your time available.
    Surely you will successful.
    Best wishes from coolingstar9
    nisha said...
    Hi coolinstar.. it feels so nice to have such encouraging friends like you.. you have been a great friend, always:)

    I do love to earn something.. and its a great way to earn for free for all the other moms out there!
    lilyruth said...
    Hello glad to know you joined social I also am in it so I hope we can get together there also and you can give me props and I will give you props as always lots of hugs Lilyruth be sure to stop by soon to visit me at my sites I have missed your visits.
    Anonymous said...
    you are right, Nisha. As a stay-at-home mum, now we got opportunity to earn a little extra cash from those great sites...
    nisha said...
    Lilyruth.. i will search for you on socialspark;)

    i have been to to your site just the day before yesterday:)
    nisha said...
    Yeah martini.. its a whole new and lovely world for us, stay at home moms:)
    bluedreamer27 said...
    hello nisha hmmm sounds interesting
    i really like to be a part of that making money online through blog advertising
    but i just dont know how
    just dropping here nisha have a great day
    by the way can i interview you for my Interesting Blo9g of the month JULY 2008?
    liza said...
    it is indeed great for mommy bloggers, i signed up a few months ago and i'm really enjoying it.

    i was looking for the tag, but i didn't find it. i'll be back later to check again ;) thanks for doing it. ;)
    nisha said...
    I am so happy bluedreamer.. Its my pleasure to be featured as the blog of the month, and my dream too:)
    nisha said...
    Hi liza.. i am just a few days there and yet enjoying:)

    I have done the tag, maybe when you'll visit here again.. you will find it:)

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