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Monday, July 07, 2008

Today, my in-laws have left for Ajmer Shariff, The resting place of 'Gharib-Nawaz', Moinuddin Chishti. I have been there just two years back to pay my respects to the saint, after which i visited four cities with my husband and in-laws. This year, we couldn't accompany them for reasons like Aryans(my son) schooling and my husbands work.

The place smells so religiously beautiful and crowds in numerous numbers visit the Dargah to seek blessings and enjoy the URS(6 days of prayers and celebrations). It is said the saint grants wishes of his devotees who wish anything with a pure and devout heart and i, myself was one of them whose wish was grated:) Not only the Muslims but devotees, irrespective of their faith, visit Ajmer to and offer their respects and ask for wishes to granted by the saint. last year even Himesh Rehamiya(singer) was there before a competition, he said he has great belief in the saint and was mentor to the winner who won the sa re ga ma pa competition! Hes a Hindu by religion.

But there are six special days celebrated annually in Ajmer, in respect to the six days of prayer by the saint himself while in solitude, before the he passed away. The six days start around this time of July and am supposed to be there but am here, feeling quite low:(.. The last time i was there, couldn't be free to enjoy as i was 8 months pregnant with baby Alisha!

The saint is popularly known as 'Gharib Nawaz' (protector of the poor), because of his devotion and love towards the poor and mankind. It is in ajmer(central Rajasthan) in the premises of the Dargah, that his mortal remains lie buried.


  1. Subra said...
    pretty freaky!.. and btw.. why does ur domain open ads for comments.. u get paid or somethin?
    nisha said...
    Hi subra.. thanks for leaving a comment. But i have no idea what your talking about, what ads?
    Subra said...
    right now, even i feel the same.. yesterday wen i clicked on d 'comment' - for your post, 2 advertisement windows opened simultaneously, but not today.. cheers.. my mistake :)
    nisha said...
    Subra, thank god you noticed it.. i was scared..

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