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Monday, October 27, 2008

I have a great taste for silver products, be it in silver plated or silver filled.. the shine and luster makes my heart go flutter flutter. If you are a lover of silver cutlery and gift items too, them visit this place for sure. I went through all their products, and i think i have chosen this beautiful elegant candle holder that is an extremely impressive centrepiece for any body's center table and this superb silver plated 4-Piece 'decorative' tea set comprising tea pot, coffee pot, cream jug and sugar bowl with Lid as my favourites. These are also available individually, but would i be able to savour the eternal pleasures of tea and coffee with any one piece, missing??

Arthur Price is a family run company with more than 100 years' expertise in manufacturing and retailing top quality cutlery flatware and silverware. No matter what the budget is, everyone can afford to enjoy the extra style and quality of Arthur Price.

If you know someone whose getting married, or if you are marring yourself then cutlery will obviously be one top priority in your shopping list. Or else, gift your close ones lovely crafted silverware to adorn their shelves with, they will be proud of you and your choice!

There are other exclusive gifts for him, her and kids too! Cute table accessories that will help kids enjoy their meal with, or can be gifted to them when babies during baptism, birthdays or while they're growing up. These lovely designer silver gifts will be cherished by them forever. I used to collect souvenirs, tiny cutlery or jewellery from my grandfather as a kid and i still keep them, as they're precious and can never replace even the most expensive and beautiful material in the world!!

The festival of lights, Diwali is being celebrated in India.. Though it is the biggest and important festival of the Hindus, but people of different nationalities, races, religions and backgrounds also come together to celebrate their universal brotherhood and inter-religious harmony, on this day.

What i feel so excited about, is the beautifully lit up streets with lamps called diya's which is done to greet the goddess Lakshmi(goddess of wealth). This goddess is known to visit each home and grant luck and wealth to everyone that welcomes her into their homes, through the open doors and windows.

The festival is celebrated for about five days, and on the third or fourth day the worshiping of the goddess takes place late evening, and sweets and specially made dishes are served to guests and friends who come over to exchange greetings and gifts.

The most, most exciting thing that takes place for even those that are not worshipers is the bursting of fire crackers, and my kids love this part!! I think almost child awaits this festival because of all the lights, food and enjoyment that this festival brings along with it.

But there is lots more to this traditionally celebrated festival, if you want to know more please visit HERE .. I've also known so more i never knew before!! Wish everyone a happy and prosperous Diwali/deepawali!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Are you looking out for a solution to your hosting problems? I found serious answers to many of my curious questions that always arise in my mind, on the web hosting geeks site and on the web hosting blog. Finally we have a pretty informative site here with plenty of advice on all about web hosting.

Choosing a web hosting can be very puzzling/challenging and three crucial mistakes to be avoided are as stated below, in short:

1.Free services: An unprofessional look/feeling and advertisements flooding your site can get visitors to run away or land up being someone readers, other than yours!
2.Limited Options: Instead of being mesmerised at incorporate essential items such as web forms, email accounts and shopping carts.. try to focus more on adequate bandwidth, storage space, multiple email accounts, database access depending on your sites necessities.
3.Cheap hosting: Looking for very cheap hosting plans could have something hidden in the fine lines of the contract. look for a budgeted plan between $5 to $10 per month, that will be cheap and yet reliable and again depending on your sites needs.

Its very true when they additionally mention that confusion sets in our minds when it comes to trusting those companies that promise multiple features. This means that we mostly get attracted to the features that company's offer like space and benefits but are we looking for reliability and requirement in those hosts too? We must put these features into top priority, because as much as space matters, trust does matter as much.

As you surf around, some more beneficial write ups pop up, like web hosting rating, reviews, rewards etc.. and added to their lists are a number of resources like Customer Hosting Reviews, Go Daddy Review, Cheap Web Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Adult Web Hosting, Web Hosting Discussions, Best Web Hosting, Dedicated Server Reviews, Web Hosting Discounts, Host, PHP Website Hosting, Hosting Uptime, Flash Templates, CMS Templates, Web Hosting Reviews, Web Hosting Providers, Business Website Hosting..

So don't forget to check it out, am sure you will be satisfied to a great extent. Cheers to the WHB blog!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finally the wait is over!! and my baby Alisha has entered into her 3RD year, and is celebrating her 2ND birthday today!! but yes, you also read it right that i wont be celebrating her birthday at home today.. we have changed plans and decided to postpone the party until a few days but will still be celebrating with our whole family, out of home. We(my family) thought, why not give the two year old baby "a baby's day out", an entertainment day only focusing on her and Aryans wishes, instead of inviting guests over today and having a feasting for ourselves;).. We will be taking the kids out, keeping in mind that the children must enjoy the most, as its baby Alishas special day and we also get an excuse to enjoy:)

We have bought her a few sets of clothes and shoes and she will be wearing a golden lacy dress today.. we will be out to enjoy at most of the entertainment parks and children's corners and am sure the kids will enjoy themselves thoroughly:). She will be also allowed to eat all her favourite food but only for the day, or else, it could cause her little tummy some runny problems:)

We will still be celebrating the party after a few days, and a huge one, as i already mentioned:) She will be wearing a fairy/princess drees with a tiara on her head and will look so pretty am sure:).. Will update about the day out, once we are back home, so bye for now.. am off to get ready and go out:)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

How does one react to a scorpion sting? Its way to difficult to think of one, isn't it? imagine how two sisters who turned moms, faced these dangers with bravery and not only that, their fear led them to invent a new product called scorpion safe that has been proven to stop scorpions!

Flooded with stories of deadly crawlers in their friends homes, they grew up and married in the the desert southwest itself, but always surrounded with some of the most dangerous creatures.

Time came when one of the sisters found a deadly scorpion crawling up her 6 month old sons crib, and ready to sting him. This creature, a bark scorpion which found in the area has the strongest venom out of many species, and their sting hurts like anything, sometimes even causing complications. The victim can froth from the mouth, numbing sensation, muscle twitching, convulsions and can also have breathing difficulty.

These sisters were determined to put a stop to the dangers could prove fatal to their kids, and set out to research on scorpions. The found that the only material the scorpions couldn't crawl was glass and that was how scorpion safe, a unique baby invention was launched.

The triple thick glass reinforced bottoms ensure support for heavy furniture, while the no slide pads inside the shield secure the furniture legs in place. view the new product in the picture above, just go for it and buy scorpion prevention material if you live in a dangerous zone yourself:).. Visit them here for some more at

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Few months back when my hubby went to madras, he bought back gifts for Aryan and Alisha as i mentioned in my earlier posts. A barbie for Alisha and Play-doh for Aryan, who loved playing with play-doh all the time. I remember he was overjoyed with his new gift and Alisha too. It was her first time, she saw she could mould the doh into any shape and started baking roti on her little rolling board and pin! haha.. she made colorful parathas for us that day:).. Aryan got busy creating ears, hair, teeth, eyebrows, eyes etc with the tools he got in the set and created a very funny clown, and a man with the longest moustache, which he took all over to show off his skills:)

The doh is a very creative tool for kids, to boost their creativity, but its warned that kids dont put the doh into their mouth and parents have to monitor that while the kids play. Its not recommended for kids below 3, but i didn't mind Alisha playing with it as i guided her and never left her alone. They created houses, animals, flowers, and lots more and i was a happy mom, they got something to keep them busy for hours! or else they made too much noise:)

Its a a non-toxic colorful(different colors) modeling clay compound similar in texture to bread dough, and has a sweet fragrance smell(these days) which usually children could mistake for sweets/food. Can be found in different packs, with diffrent creations and colors. Be careful while your kids play, for it can cause choking hazzards, and this is a strict warning to parents.

Stylish new arrivals

The eyes are one of the most important senses and should be equally cared for, like the other senses but a compromise is a huge no! Whenever one gets an opportunity to buy cheap yet best quality eyeglasses from a well known online shopping website, run for the chance i tell you for not only is popular among its customers for its stylish and cheap glasses but it was also known for being famous among the very popular U.S. talk radio host of the nationally syndicated consumer advocate program, The Clark Howard Show and was even recommended by the show.

The ranges Begin at $8, and isn't $8 a magical price for some very stylish single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens? Selling their own manufactured frames to customers directly with hardly any advertising budget is one reason why the frames come at such low prices. They are adamant to give us cheap and best glasses through their sheer hard work, dedication and that's what draws customers to purchase quality products from good companies.

Most teens and even adults love wearing fashionable glasses and am sure theres going to be a clash between the new and old generation who dotes on cheap and best! They wouldn't shell out money unless they product they buy is trusted, so trust zennioptical, and feel free to take your best pick.

You might have seen some positive reports about them on Fox Newx TV, or heard about them on the radio? So why is it only me who recommends them, because its worth being recommended! And the good news is that they're added brand new arrivals at the shop so pick your best soon and see how proud you feel of your lovely choice:)

Monday, October 06, 2008

I have started to bid on eBay! and more than that, i love watching the bids as they rise to weird heights just for nothing good or maybe sometimes somthing great??.. what i mean is that someone people are willing to spend money like water to buy a simple bead, just because it was being auctioned on eBay and people assume that anything sold on the site is always valuable at any cost..

I don't mean to offend because i've also seen the pros, other than the cons about bidding or buying from the site.. i've seen good products going for good prices too! But i still don't understand what clicks on eBay, and as everyone knows everything that glitters is not gold! Sometimes they sell beautiful pieces of jewellery at such low rates with impressing description about the each piece of it but i wonder which of the products are worth it.. which are not.. its upto you to help me at this:)

Which of these, catches your eye instantly? This is just for my personal information..

1. The free shipping items.. are they always worth it?

2. Auctions going for $1, and free shipping.. worth it?

3. EMI way of payment.. Do they charge extra on the total?

4. Which seller on eBay international and eBay India is the best?

5. Best eBay store in any category you like most..

Modern technology is simply fabulous, and i have also recently heard about ILASIK and how easy and fast the procedure is, which uses two lasers instead of one as in earlier versions of the procedure.

LASIK technology has been beneficial to NASA and the U.S. military for years now through the performance of their mission-critical personnel.“The DOD and NASA have validated the fact that today’s LASIK exceeds all established standards of safety and effectiveness,” said Steven Schallhorn, M.D., a retired U.S. Navy captain and leader of clinical research and studies done for the DOD regarding the use of LASIK. And he has also recommended the surgery, so come, lets see how to whole procedure is carried out and how safe it is, below:

Out of few stages, the unique characteristics of an individual eye is mapped through wave-front technology. Then a corneal flap is created by a ultra fast, computer-guided laser. This laser replaces the handheld microkeratome blade used in older forms of LASIK and makes the procedure exceptionally safe. The wave-front guides the second laser for vision correction, after the creation of the first flap. The combination of these advanced laser technologies creates a custom-fit procedure clinically proven to provide excellent safety and visual results.

Not only how safe is the procedure but how its also recommended by 100% of naval aviators to fellow naval aviators, as they have undergone the operation themselves. 100 military personnel showed that 95% achieved 20/20 uncorrected vision or better through a military’s evaluation of LASIK information


I've been using entrecard since months now and i used to be an active dropper then, but due to stress and less time i am not able to use it much. Though i still have drops on my blog, i feel disappointed when i cant return drops. Its really tough at times when i do drop on a blog and something draws me to remain on the blog minutes before i leave, i even like leaving comments if a post captures my mind but that itself occupies all the time i save up for entredrops. Somehow i manage to do some posts but that is not sufficient for my blog, i know:)

Now entrecard has drawn some more attention, as they're hosting a contest and giving away lovely prizes in the form of credits and advertising space. 70,000 Entrecard Credits to be given away!

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If you ask me which prize i want to win, naturally I'd like to win the first prize!! Who doesn't want to win the first prize as its always the best one:).. but even if i don't, then hope i win the 2ND prize or 20,000EC from Freebie Reporter at least:)

Thanks for this wonderful contest and hope that many more will be taking part, but hurry guys, theres 5 days left!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

How can one improve himself unless he is willing to accept his abilities, his capability and self power? Its often heard that if one has the willpower and belief in himself, then nothing on earth can stop success and happiness from stepping into his life but many people have such a negative approach towards life, they land nowhere. Now with the help of subliminal tapes, one can control weight, manage stress, rid fears, earn new skills, enhance creativity and benefit lots more into your life.

The subliminal CD is worth purchasing because it will help you break many bad habits too, say for example you cant stop nail biting. The positivity of the tape will help you solve that problem and before you knew it, you will notice, your fingers will less often find its way into your mouth! Its simply amazing and its not magic, its just mind over matter. If you think you can achieve something you will, if you think you will never be successful then you will never! Its the positivity of your own mind that does the work.

What you get from the tapes?

The benefits: 1-year money back guarantee unlike other companies who give you just 30days, which is not sufficient for noticing results.
Details: The double Delta induction (2Hz) will make your subconscious very receptive, and combining it with their high volume system, one can get out much more from each tape.

Do you know, not only the ordinary people use the subliminal mp3, athletes and coaches use them to enhance performance and promote positive mental attitudes. Business people use the tapes for motivation and stress relief. Now its your turn, to experience life at a higher level with the subliminal tapes.

Durga puja is the biggest festival of Calcutta, because it is here that the majority of Bengali's live. It is celebrated to worship mother Durga, the Goddess of power (Shakti). Throughout Calcutta you will find huge pandals where the goddess is kept for all eyes to see and worship. People dressed at their best will celebrate the days of puja will great pomp and gaiety. They go visiting pandals throughout the city, eating out delicious Bengali stuff, enjoying devotional music and socializing with loved ones. It is celebrated for five continuous day, and on the last day the idol of Durga Ma is immersed in the river or sea which marks the end of the Durga puja festival.

I myself have been visiting these pandals with my close ones as its really beautiful especially when viewed at night. The colorful lighted streets are a delight to watch. They sometimes build structures out of different materials, sometimes it is bamboo, mud, biscuits, bangles, clay pots, matchsticks, sea shells, colorful glass and many more interesting materials. When the movie titanic had been released, they even built the titanic ship! It was a marvelous structure and it should have won, because, sometimes contests are out for the best built pandal.

The the city is filled with festivity fever even before the main day, from months before. Shopping goes on like anything, building of pandals, collecting Chanda(money), cleaning out houses and so much more activity. I am sure tourists coming to Calcutta during the Puja festival will surely enjoy, its really fun to be in Calcutta during this time.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

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You can also check out other cars at Its always advisable to research before you buy anything, like knowing other peoples point of views so that one gets assured and will be aware of the pros and cons of the automobile or product he is buying. Nobody wants to regret decisions these days, isn't it? All the best for buying your dream car, too:)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I took my kids to the mall close by to my home and bought them few more things, very last minute shopping:) As i said i hate to be incomplete.. hehe..

Know what? the roads were too slushy with the rains but i had to walk a while with the kids when am alone(hubby at work). I Love showing Alisha all the street animals and she loves each one of them to the core for while being carried, she tries to run out of my hands and pet them, but i don't allow her due to hygiene reasons. She calls the dogs "bow, bow", cats "Cath", birds are crows, even the parrot is a crow!.. hahaha

While on the way home, dropped into my sisters place as she lives close by and Alisha was mesmerised by the parrot she has as a pet. She spoke to the parrot in a language even i couldn't understand but the parrot did.. for sure.. as it was nodding its head at every word she said and mind you, the parrot is a tame one that talks too. Alisha told the parrot water, food, sleep, come, home, don't do.. All understood by the parrot:)

I was dead tired after the long stroll with the two naughty devils and both never missed out the chance to harass me, as usual;) Got back home and sat to blogging, saw that many opps had past away from my hands while i was gone.. all turned grey. So another tiresome day ended and a dead tired me, is off to sleep now!

Do you know of someone who used to be in contact with you, but seems their phone number or address are no longer available?

Well you will find plenty of sites from where you can search for people but they are sometimes too expensive. I hope you will now be satisfied with a people search service site here, which doesn't charge a penny, and that means you can now search your lost relatives or friends for free!

All you have to do is type out crucial information about the person, like his name and state where he lives, and they will do their best to provide more information about the person. At the present, searches for United States and Canada are only supported but in the future you may be able to search the world. So get reconnected now!

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