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Monday, October 06, 2008

I have started to bid on eBay! and more than that, i love watching the bids as they rise to weird heights just for nothing good or maybe sometimes somthing great??.. what i mean is that someone people are willing to spend money like water to buy a simple bead, just because it was being auctioned on eBay and people assume that anything sold on the site is always valuable at any cost..

I don't mean to offend because i've also seen the pros, other than the cons about bidding or buying from the site.. i've seen good products going for good prices too! But i still don't understand what clicks on eBay, and as everyone knows everything that glitters is not gold! Sometimes they sell beautiful pieces of jewellery at such low rates with impressing description about the each piece of it but i wonder which of the products are worth it.. which are not.. its upto you to help me at this:)

Which of these, catches your eye instantly? This is just for my personal information..

1. The free shipping items.. are they always worth it?

2. Auctions going for $1, and free shipping.. worth it?

3. EMI way of payment.. Do they charge extra on the total?

4. Which seller on eBay international and eBay India is the best?

5. Best eBay store in any category you like most..


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