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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finally the wait is over!! and my baby Alisha has entered into her 3RD year, and is celebrating her 2ND birthday today!! but yes, you also read it right that i wont be celebrating her birthday at home today.. we have changed plans and decided to postpone the party until a few days but will still be celebrating with our whole family, out of home. We(my family) thought, why not give the two year old baby "a baby's day out", an entertainment day only focusing on her and Aryans wishes, instead of inviting guests over today and having a feasting for ourselves;).. We will be taking the kids out, keeping in mind that the children must enjoy the most, as its baby Alishas special day and we also get an excuse to enjoy:)

We have bought her a few sets of clothes and shoes and she will be wearing a golden lacy dress today.. we will be out to enjoy at most of the entertainment parks and children's corners and am sure the kids will enjoy themselves thoroughly:). She will be also allowed to eat all her favourite food but only for the day, or else, it could cause her little tummy some runny problems:)

We will still be celebrating the party after a few days, and a huge one, as i already mentioned:) She will be wearing a fairy/princess drees with a tiara on her head and will look so pretty am sure:).. Will update about the day out, once we are back home, so bye for now.. am off to get ready and go out:)


  1. Hicham said...
    Happy Birthday for Alisha :)
    twinks said...
    Happy Birthday Baby Alisha!
    Enjoy your day..
    Grow up to be a lovely daughter to your parents..:]
    coolingstar9 said...
    Wow, time is really fast, your lovely Alisha have grown up in his third year.
    With your caring and love. Alisha will be healty and happy.
    Sincely wish Alisha happy birthday and more importantly happy every day.
    Also wish you and your whole family always love each others.
    nisha said...
    Thanks hicham:)
    nisha said...
    Thanks twinks.. i always take your wishes to my heart and i am sure with your wishes and everyones wishes she will grow up, a lovely girl:)
    nisha said...
    Thanks so much coolingstar with all my heart:).. Your wishes are taken to heart too:)
    Allison said...
    Oh I hope Alisha had a wonderful birthday! I bet she looked beautiful,sorry I'm a bit late but better late than never:-)
    bluecrystaldude said...
    Happy Belated birthday Alisha! 2 years already! What a time has passed :)

    Sorry for the late wish. I am quite busy with my study and all. My examination will start on 6 Nov~ Wish me luck!
    Anonymous said...
    Happy Belated Birthday to Alisha!
    waiting to see her in her beautiful princess dress :)

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