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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Few months back when my hubby went to madras, he bought back gifts for Aryan and Alisha as i mentioned in my earlier posts. A barbie for Alisha and Play-doh for Aryan, who loved playing with play-doh all the time. I remember he was overjoyed with his new gift and Alisha too. It was her first time, she saw she could mould the doh into any shape and started baking roti on her little rolling board and pin! haha.. she made colorful parathas for us that day:).. Aryan got busy creating ears, hair, teeth, eyebrows, eyes etc with the tools he got in the set and created a very funny clown, and a man with the longest moustache, which he took all over to show off his skills:)

The doh is a very creative tool for kids, to boost their creativity, but its warned that kids dont put the doh into their mouth and parents have to monitor that while the kids play. Its not recommended for kids below 3, but i didn't mind Alisha playing with it as i guided her and never left her alone. They created houses, animals, flowers, and lots more and i was a happy mom, they got something to keep them busy for hours! or else they made too much noise:)

Its a a non-toxic colorful(different colors) modeling clay compound similar in texture to bread dough, and has a sweet fragrance smell(these days) which usually children could mistake for sweets/food. Can be found in different packs, with diffrent creations and colors. Be careful while your kids play, for it can cause choking hazzards, and this is a strict warning to parents.


  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    right nisha i love playdoh too
    actually it is much better than lego
    paly doh are great esp for children to enhance their creative skills right?
    i like play doh especially those molders hehe
    you can make a hamburgers and other sandwiches ...oh childhood memeories hehehe
    for sure alisha would love it
    bluecrystaldude said...
    I love playdoh too.. Hehe.. One of my favorite toys when I was a kid :D
    twinks said...
    Play doh really enhances your child's creativity. For sure baby ALisha will have a great time playing with it.

    Happy Sunday :]
    coolingstar9 said...
    It is good to let Alishas to play tools.
    The child has the high absorbing power.
    Let Alishas learn more.
    Have a great day.

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