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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Read the captions too!

My bundle of joy, Alisha!

I haven't been writing about Alisha since two months now and there are lots of changes in my little sweetheart since then and surely shes my been my fairy angel in disguise because of the happiness and joy she has given to me. A complete entertainer, a playful joker and i feel blessed like any other mom! Now that shes almost two months away from her 3rd birthday, am awaiting this day with great excitement because of the plans i have in mind. The fairy tale birthday which i couldn't accomplish last year will be carried out this year with a few close members and friends. I am thinking to buy that pretty laced pink dress that i saw at the mall, and a fairy cake too. I'll even ask everyone to wear pink as the theme... Inshallah it will work out as am thinking :-)

Alisha winking! ;)

She plays imaginary games and even blows out the candles of her imaginary birthday cake. Makes funny faces and will never smile naturally when i ask her to, while clicking out pics! Anyone would die for that natural smile of hers, believe me! and am hoping to capture it someday. Believe's that everything in the world is hers and pretends to pray namaaz with her grandma and sometimes reverts to a baby.

Shes not eating well and fussy about food because shes still nursing and its time i stop it! It makes me feel irritated yet am used to bonding more with her this way when am free and i'll definitely feel sad when she quits. But i've got to see to her health too which is not quite stable though she rarely gets sick (touch wood)..

Alisha sticking her tongue out!

Shes began to speak her native language more which is Hindi, and her English speaking has lessened since we stayed with our in laws for a month at their home. Oh yes they speak more in Hindi being Muslims and i speak only English being a Christian!! Am strict with English and so are my family, my sister, my dad and my husband, who also speaks to his angel in English. When we all met up this month as i mentioned in few posts below, she managed to converse well in English with them and they were amused all the while with her. I sometimes wondered how kids would manage with two kinds of languages being spoken at home and here is my answer that at this age, they are learning, absorbing and with the right guidance they can manage to speak as many languages as possible!

Am glad shes developing mentally, physically, emotionally and socially very well with her temper tantrums, claiming everything is hers, imaginary friends, etc etc.. like all normal 2 year old toddlers :-)

In the pics, my princess had got up from sleep, and i never even combed her hair! We had balded her during the summer months and i call her "Casper" to which she rebels back saying " no, Baby". Baby is her nickname :-)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Today's music Monday is once again dedicated to our late king of pop, Michael Jackson, who is no more yet he remains alive with us through his music. Almost a month after his death, the singers impact on the world is still intact and lingers in the hearts of millions of his fans. Each of his songs were unique and i wish i could post all of them but this song was also close to my to heart as a youngster during my school days and so it lands here on this page, as the choice for today. The word really inspire to heal the world asap.. listen and enjoy :-)

Lyrics | Michael Jackson lyrics - Heal The World lyrics

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

My sisters baby on her 5th day on being born and first day at home. She was a 8th month old premature baby then.. and will turn 1 month of the 5th of August. Cute little sweetheart she is... :-)

This month was almost like a vacation traveling within my own city. My dad was down to my city to spend some time with us and to see my sisters first born and so it was like i spent lots of time with them, at my sister's place and at my dads too. So i can say we all met up, my whole family, my dad (his new family), my sister and family and my hubby and kids too. You all probably already know my sister gave birth to her first new born on the 5th of July which i had posted earlier and how i spent my days caring for her baby. I was back home but barely a day passed, and i couldn't resist jetting back to her home again when my dad was down, so that speaks for all the neglecting of the posts and blog visiting friends.. ;)

I enjoyed the whole time with all of them but i missed being online as much. Once logged in, i found a great number of pending tasks from social spark, and other paid review sites plus i lost a lot of tasks from the same sites too which made me see my $$$ down the drain, but never mind, it isn't anything like spending time with family. It was worth the while observing each ones smile and knowing deep within each one had something god has given then in their deserving time.

It was one big vacation right here in our city itself. I know people travel out of city for vacations but am satisfied vacationing within mine.. hehe.. If i travel for about two hours, to and from our homes, i feel am stressed out and can't bare the traffic and pollution in my city. Even on long tours and vacations i guess traveling feels stressful but the amount of fun and happiness one obtains from the family meeting especially if after long periods or gaps always makes up for the stressful traveling and when its me who feels content here.. no complaints at all.. hehe..

What is your fave vacationing spot?? do let me know.. :-)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh my god, this quiz was real fun! the result what i got from my answers is that i can survive without clothes in the arctic for 3 and a half hours!!.. i wonder how freezing its going to be there, but all i know is that i would die after about a few seconds so leave alone 3 and a half hours, and that too without Clothing.. but i guess its worth visiting there to try it for myself rather than just assuming how much my body 'cannot' withstand the cold and if i get the chance and lucky enough to survive, i'll even build an igloo.. without clothes.. hehe.. What do you think?? take the quiz and let me know your chances of survival friends :-)

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Monday, July 20, 2009

I like the original video but this should do.. and know what, i listen to this almost everyday. Got a very catchy tune and you can sing along with Mariah as she croons butterfly with grace and passion flowing out of her voice... One of my favorites singers :-)

Lyrics | Mariah Carey lyrics - Butterfly lyrics

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yes it's true i was at my sisters place all the days helping her care for hew new born. I was also with them at the time of discharge and left with them for their home itself because she needed my help to her care for the baby since it was her first time and she needed someone with her. I always wished to see a baby in her hands and it was really such a delightful visit and am so happy for her and her family. It's like as if i waited for years to become an aunt and it finally happened, and it really happened so quickly. I remember she was pregnant just few months ago and suddenly i get the news that she was admitted to hosp but it wasn't an emergency, it was like her had gone for a check up on her 8th month with some complaints of less or no baby movements. They admitted her as soon as possible because they knew it could have been risky to have the delivery prolonged for few more days.

I was empowered by an extremely emotional feeling the moment i saw her in the hosp after the C-section she underwent, and i was almost in silent tears which i didn't want to exhibit to anyone else. She was just few hours out of the OT and was under blankets shivering, sleepy and unable to speak but she did try to speak feebly.

We(me and my b-i-l) then went to the ICU to take a glimpse of the baby and she was sleeping in a position very similar to my sis. My b-i-l and me joked about it! haha.. She was expecting an august baby but docs were telling her the baby wanted to come out too quickly to worry her mamma.

So now that am back, am i know she is able to take care of her too well but she needs a lot of rest as well. Her in laws have also come down to be with so i guess they'll be no problem and am also in contact with her... And i wish her happy nappy days :-)

Friday, July 10, 2009

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Hi to all my friends... i had written in a few posts below that a baby was born into my family and that's the reason why i was a bit busy these days. I wont be available to blog for a few more days but i wish everyone keeps sending in their love and support... I guess everybody knows how a sister is happy for her sibling and that the new arrival has brought in joys to not only my sibling but to me as an aunt too! yes, i'll be away to spend time with my sister and her new born angel :-)

I chose this song because i love the video and the lyrics too... i've always been in love with the idea of love itself ;-)... didn't we all imagine ourselves as Romeo and Juliet while we were in love for the first time or didn't we imagine how it be when we really fell in love, while we were not? the vid is great... take a look :-)

Lyrics | Taylor Swift lyrics - Love Story lyrics

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Here is a great opportunity to be a member of a site that encourages self-help to those people in need of mental support and understanding and it also allows to socialize freely not having to fear rejection from anyone on the site. The InTheRooms Meetings experience will take you to a place where you will find other people similar to you who maybe also searching for support and help. When you register as a member, you get to make new ones, find old friends, seek and learn recovery. No need to worry about being exploited for it's all within your own level of privacy.

This site is perfect for those who suffer relapses and need to recover because they can interact here, where everyone has the need to recover too. They can discuss their addictions, disorders, mental state etc.. and just about anything because they all somehow need to cry out for someone to listen, understand and help them recover. You can learn how to recover with each other without having to feel guilt because here they understand that the point is to get clean and stay clean.

In the Rooms, is one of the top recovery sites on the web and are they are looking for more people to join the site if they need friends, and a different new experience which one wont find on other socializing sites. In the Rooms, got it's name because most addiction groups are anonymous. However, if you ran into a person you saw at group in public, you won't say "hey I saw you at our AA meeting". Instead, you would say you know them from "in the rooms". So isn't that wonderful that people can now be able to access the internet with a different point of view? I shall recommend this to as many people i can :-)



Today's a great day in my life because there was an unexpected arrival in my family. A baby was born today, a blessing, a sweet angel girl was sent from heaven to their parents one month premature and in perfect shape! The mother was completely conscious but sleepy when i went to visit her at the nursing home today. As most nursing homes, they dint allow us to touch or even go near the baby but we saw her tiny cute leg shake a while as if in other words to say "what are you looking at dear aunt? am too tired being all crouched up and i need some massage once am back home".. haha.. the doctors say, the baby was in a hurry to come out to worry mommy or maybe, she worried mommy to much already so she had to get out too soon, to help her get back into shape! :-)

God bless the mother, father and their new born with everything wonderful in life.. and i want to congratulate the new parents with this beautiful poem :-)

Sweet Pink Angel

Congratulations on your new addition;
A baby girl is a treasure rare;
A sweet pink angel, a little doll,
Nothing else can quite compare.

Her smiles and coos will bring you joy;
She'll fill your hearts with love and pleasure;
So cherish these special infant times,
With your little girl, your precious treasure.

By Joanna Fuchs

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Who in the world wouldn't desire a room filled with contemporary furniture, which i guess exhibits your choice and expertise in decor. Guests and relatives would be swooning over your home and you'd be the talk of the town for having a home alike the stars. I don't think it's a great deal to purchase these styles of furniture's and would surely go for the garden styles which are exquisite in design. The side boards are also worth considering where one would prefer to show of our travel mementos, etc..

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