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Friday, July 03, 2009

Here is a great opportunity to be a member of a site that encourages self-help to those people in need of mental support and understanding and it also allows to socialize freely not having to fear rejection from anyone on the site. The InTheRooms Meetings experience will take you to a place where you will find other people similar to you who maybe also searching for support and help. When you register as a member, you get to make new ones, find old friends, seek and learn recovery. No need to worry about being exploited for it's all within your own level of privacy.

This site is perfect for those who suffer relapses and need to recover because they can interact here, where everyone has the need to recover too. They can discuss their addictions, disorders, mental state etc.. and just about anything because they all somehow need to cry out for someone to listen, understand and help them recover. You can learn how to recover with each other without having to feel guilt because here they understand that the point is to get clean and stay clean.

In the Rooms, is one of the top recovery sites on the web and are they are looking for more people to join the site if they need friends, and a different new experience which one wont find on other socializing sites. In the Rooms, got it's name because most addiction groups are anonymous. However, if you ran into a person you saw at group in public, you won't say "hey I saw you at our AA meeting". Instead, you would say you know them from "in the rooms". So isn't that wonderful that people can now be able to access the internet with a different point of view? I shall recommend this to as many people i can :-)




  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    interesting my friend

    by the way im tagging you here hope you like
    coolingstar9 said...
    This is ready the good site to help each others.
    With love pour in, all friends can encourage each others.
    Important post.
    nisha, have the nice long weekend.

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