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Saturday, July 25, 2009

My sisters baby on her 5th day on being born and first day at home. She was a 8th month old premature baby then.. and will turn 1 month of the 5th of August. Cute little sweetheart she is... :-)

This month was almost like a vacation traveling within my own city. My dad was down to my city to spend some time with us and to see my sisters first born and so it was like i spent lots of time with them, at my sister's place and at my dads too. So i can say we all met up, my whole family, my dad (his new family), my sister and family and my hubby and kids too. You all probably already know my sister gave birth to her first new born on the 5th of July which i had posted earlier and how i spent my days caring for her baby. I was back home but barely a day passed, and i couldn't resist jetting back to her home again when my dad was down, so that speaks for all the neglecting of the posts and blog visiting friends.. ;)

I enjoyed the whole time with all of them but i missed being online as much. Once logged in, i found a great number of pending tasks from social spark, and other paid review sites plus i lost a lot of tasks from the same sites too which made me see my $$$ down the drain, but never mind, it isn't anything like spending time with family. It was worth the while observing each ones smile and knowing deep within each one had something god has given then in their deserving time.

It was one big vacation right here in our city itself. I know people travel out of city for vacations but am satisfied vacationing within mine.. hehe.. If i travel for about two hours, to and from our homes, i feel am stressed out and can't bare the traffic and pollution in my city. Even on long tours and vacations i guess traveling feels stressful but the amount of fun and happiness one obtains from the family meeting especially if after long periods or gaps always makes up for the stressful traveling and when its me who feels content here.. no complaints at all.. hehe..

What is your fave vacationing spot?? do let me know.. :-)

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  1. shydub said...
    Congratulations to your sister nisha, She has a very cute baby girl, so adorable.

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