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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yes it's true i was at my sisters place all the days helping her care for hew new born. I was also with them at the time of discharge and left with them for their home itself because she needed my help to her care for the baby since it was her first time and she needed someone with her. I always wished to see a baby in her hands and it was really such a delightful visit and am so happy for her and her family. It's like as if i waited for years to become an aunt and it finally happened, and it really happened so quickly. I remember she was pregnant just few months ago and suddenly i get the news that she was admitted to hosp but it wasn't an emergency, it was like her had gone for a check up on her 8th month with some complaints of less or no baby movements. They admitted her as soon as possible because they knew it could have been risky to have the delivery prolonged for few more days.

I was empowered by an extremely emotional feeling the moment i saw her in the hosp after the C-section she underwent, and i was almost in silent tears which i didn't want to exhibit to anyone else. She was just few hours out of the OT and was under blankets shivering, sleepy and unable to speak but she did try to speak feebly.

We(me and my b-i-l) then went to the ICU to take a glimpse of the baby and she was sleeping in a position very similar to my sis. My b-i-l and me joked about it! haha.. She was expecting an august baby but docs were telling her the baby wanted to come out too quickly to worry her mamma.

So now that am back, am i know she is able to take care of her too well but she needs a lot of rest as well. Her in laws have also come down to be with so i guess they'll be no problem and am also in contact with her... And i wish her happy nappy days :-)


  1. shydub said...
    Your sister is so lucky to have you nisha as her sister. She can count on you in times like she has right now. So hows the baby? i hope the baby is healthy and happy all the time. I pray for your sister quick recovery, I know its hard when you have a c-section. She difinitely needs you right now. Hope she will get back to her normal body soon.
    Empty Streets said...
    Dropping by to say hi and to check out what is new here :) Hope your week started out well :) xoxo
    bluedreamer27 said...
    i agree with them your sister is very lucky to have you and congrats to her for her baby
    bluedreamer27 said...
    by the way, hope you dont mind
    i got a new site,
    hope you can place it in your blog roll... thanks a lot!!!
    oh are you a fan or an avid listener of Diana Ross Song? blog idol round 6 just got started and contenders were assigned to pick a song from her
    ...have a great day and happy blogging!!!

    Meryl (proud pinay) said...
    congrats to your sister! i'm so happy for you too. i can feel you are a very nice person ^_^
    gem said...
    dropping by in your lovely site. wow you have a new niece. congratulations to you and to your sister.
    coolingstar9 said...
    I can sense that the relationship between you and your sister are so well.
    It is so lucky that your sister has you to take care of her first baby.
    The baby just wanted to see this wonderful world in the rush.
    Sincerely wish your sister and her lovely baby in good health.
    Happy blogging and have the nice day.

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