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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Read the captions too!

My bundle of joy, Alisha!

I haven't been writing about Alisha since two months now and there are lots of changes in my little sweetheart since then and surely shes my been my fairy angel in disguise because of the happiness and joy she has given to me. A complete entertainer, a playful joker and i feel blessed like any other mom! Now that shes almost two months away from her 3rd birthday, am awaiting this day with great excitement because of the plans i have in mind. The fairy tale birthday which i couldn't accomplish last year will be carried out this year with a few close members and friends. I am thinking to buy that pretty laced pink dress that i saw at the mall, and a fairy cake too. I'll even ask everyone to wear pink as the theme... Inshallah it will work out as am thinking :-)

Alisha winking! ;)

She plays imaginary games and even blows out the candles of her imaginary birthday cake. Makes funny faces and will never smile naturally when i ask her to, while clicking out pics! Anyone would die for that natural smile of hers, believe me! and am hoping to capture it someday. Believe's that everything in the world is hers and pretends to pray namaaz with her grandma and sometimes reverts to a baby.

Shes not eating well and fussy about food because shes still nursing and its time i stop it! It makes me feel irritated yet am used to bonding more with her this way when am free and i'll definitely feel sad when she quits. But i've got to see to her health too which is not quite stable though she rarely gets sick (touch wood)..

Alisha sticking her tongue out!

Shes began to speak her native language more which is Hindi, and her English speaking has lessened since we stayed with our in laws for a month at their home. Oh yes they speak more in Hindi being Muslims and i speak only English being a Christian!! Am strict with English and so are my family, my sister, my dad and my husband, who also speaks to his angel in English. When we all met up this month as i mentioned in few posts below, she managed to converse well in English with them and they were amused all the while with her. I sometimes wondered how kids would manage with two kinds of languages being spoken at home and here is my answer that at this age, they are learning, absorbing and with the right guidance they can manage to speak as many languages as possible!

Am glad shes developing mentally, physically, emotionally and socially very well with her temper tantrums, claiming everything is hers, imaginary friends, etc etc.. like all normal 2 year old toddlers :-)

In the pics, my princess had got up from sleep, and i never even combed her hair! We had balded her during the summer months and i call her "Casper" to which she rebels back saying " no, Baby". Baby is her nickname :-)


  1. chubskulit said...
    awww why did you make her bald, still cute though. I agree weaning a child is difficult both for you and her..
    Liza said...
    Haha, with or without hair she is getting more and more beautiful everyday! Just like you. :)

    I missed coming here too. The past weeks have been like crazy, I got too busy with too many things.

    Hope you are doing good. I miss you sis!
    Cecile said...
    you baby is so cute, naman sa ina :-)
    Meryl (proud pinay) said...
    she's so pretty...i like her dress too! one of my favorite colors.
    btw, filipina?
    Nisha said...
    Chubskulit.. it's very hot here during the summers and plus she was having those prickly heat boils on her scalp, so we had to bald her :-)
    Nisha said...
    Hey liza.. miss you too sis!

    Shes very mischievous and with the bald head, shes my naughty Casper ;)

    Thanks for coming over sis :-)
    Nisha said...
    Thanks Cecile.. i don't understand what you said but thanks for coming over ;)
    Nisha said...
    Meryl.. thanks so much for the compliments sis, you know i like pink better but yellow brightens up anything! and looks good on kids too :-)

    Hehe.. am not filipina :-)
    Anonymous said...
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