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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I cant see my green buddy anymore of the top of my browser which means Google has slammed a white buddy onto me by dropping my pr from 2 to 0!!! How it feels right now i cant express in words, just feel like changing things overnight to see my green buddy again:)..

I miss you Mr green but i guess its time we parted, and i'll try not to miss you anymore.. ill keep waiting for you.. maybe someday you'll be back to bring a broader smile on my face:)

As for now, am going to concentrate on my blog more as i had been pretty inactive and my pr was likely to drop.. i expected that, not that i didn't. I have been hopping around from blog to blog and saw many pr drops!! Hmmm.. i wonder about the reactions once its noticed..

Anyway i am also too excited to bother about the drop of my Google page rank as theres something more exciting coming my way in a few days time.. i'll let you all know once its done, so till then, please don't cry over your drops and enjoy the many other realities over the internet:)

Not to forget to mention, the awards are also on the way.. take care:)


  1. michaelwood59 said...
    I'm so sorry to here about your pr ranking. Yeah, thats what happened to me and thats what google does. It hurts i know. I had a pr4 and they dropped it down to a pr2 in one month, then the next month they took the rest away so i was hurting for days. I took this very personal and did'nt want to talk to anyone for days. But i'm over it now. Learn and live thats all we can do friend. take care. mike
    coolingstar9 said...
    Sad to hear that but nisha, keep on moving, do not be affected by these.
    Continue your passion to keep on blogging.
    Your Pr rank will be back soon, wish you happy, healthy, best wishes from coolingstar9
    nisha said...
    Thanks so much for the encouraging comment, micheal.. i was pr4 before being dropped to pr2 and then to 0.. it did make me feel very sad at the first drop but it dosnt affect anymore.. it was expected, you know:)

    That was a real sweet and kind comment, thanks so much.. :)
    nisha said...
    Thanks to you too, cooling star.. as usual you always brighten up a sad heart.. being a blogger and having such wonderful friends, that is what matters:)

    My pr will rise someday, but in the mean time am loving all the friendshhips and love ive gained through blogging.. have a nice day coolingstar:)
    bluedreamer27 said...
    oh what so funny is that until now i dont know whats that page ranking was for....
    i have it in my blog but i dont know anything about it
    Syari said...
    You're totally not alone in this! :) Yes, totally expected. Got one blog smacked few months back then got back the PR then lost again now.

    Well, just open a new blog. ;P
    JesuLalaine said...
    hi sorry to hear about the drop.. my main blog didn't get a PR this time too.. remember it was a PR1 only for a few days ( many months ago)?.. I'm still confused on how Mr. Google calculates the ranking .. anyways, as you've said, there are things far more important in the blog world that PRs.

    Take care!
    nisha said...
    Hi bluedreamer.. the pr's mainly the amount of backlinks a blog has, and pro bloggers say that it hasnt got anything to do with traffic.. am confused myself!

    Yet i thought it gave a blog some ranking;)
    nisha said...
    Hi syari.. i didnt know that about you.. i think google is too harsh on bloggers these days from what i've been reading..

    I think i'll better forget i even had one! hehe
    nisha said...
    Thats the way lalaine... we do have other things to bother about, than a pr.. it only creates butterflies in our tummies.. i always had dreams it would vanish one day, and it did!! now am a bit relieved, thank god..

    And to think i predicted a pr5 for you!!.. i thought you'll kill me for that.. hehe
    Liza said...
    oh nisha, i'm sorry to hear about the drop, mine dropped too. from 3 to 2. you have a great blog and i love it, and you're right that we shouldn't worry about prs.
    (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...
    umm... am confused... i dont really know about this green buddy thing... :-S
    My Pink Shoelace said...
    Am down to 2 from pr 3 ... *sigh* but what else can I do? Accept it and live on ... though I was hurt personally ... oh well thats life.
    twinks said...
    Oh am sad to hear that dear. My blog was big 0 before, its not PR1, not that much though but am happy. Well, PR or no PR am still enjoying blogging. Don't worry my dear you'll get your PR back soon.. cheers!

    Btw, you can send me the photos you want to be in the header so I can start thinking of a design. Pink and purple colour right? 3 columns? and the post column? left or middle? just buzz me..
    take care :]

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