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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Well its Alisha's monthly update and guess what? she 26 months now! very naughty and innocently cunning ;).. this month she had begun telling me the boo boo(the ghost) has taken away the remote, haha, when i want to watch my favourite channel on television!

Its getting chili here in Calcutta and shes not willing to wear her woollens, and hides it beside the bed.. now that makes me real mad.. coz if she catches a cold, it'll be quite uneasy for her. Chances of a fever! Oh no, i cant even think about it.. ill convince her and will put up with the tantrums and screaming :)

She is an animal lover, just like her aunt and whenever the cat which strays into our home in search of milk or food, shes like singing and dancing with her hands up in the air and says "kitty aya(came), kitty aya"! yeah in a cocktail of Hindi/English ;) and she lets the cat purr on her, plays with it, loves it! i wish i had a pet one for her, for the cat doesn't seem to come anymore :(..

Still oves her tea, her bread, butter and tea.. and is not fussy anymore and shes enjoying whatever is given to her to eat. Even liked her veggies, meat, fish, prawns and eggs unlike her elder brother, Aryan, and am happy for that. Can someone tell me why shes liking to eat raw potatoes? i think i know why but would like to check it out with moms :)


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