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Monday, December 22, 2008

So Mumbai is gearing up after that big attack which created huge havoc in the city few weeks ago, and fear in the hearts and minds of the mumbaikars. Not only Mumbai city but i think the whole of India is facing the same fear, who knows, anytime and anywhere? But what are the biggies(you know who?) doing about this? There was so much of pain everywhere, so many innocent deaths and for no reason were they targeted. What did they do to encounter an unruly death they couldn't have even imagined while stepping out of their homes. Its really very sad, and while watching the news on TV, my eyes watered in utmost fear and sadness at the mission being carried out to finish the enemy. It was very scary, yet touching to watch our armed forces handle the dangerous mission so fearlessly. No words can compare!

It is obviously noticed in recent times, India is being targeted like hell. Why? Is there no one to solve the much needed crucial matters instead of fighting like cats and dogs in the house of the speakers. One should watch them behaving like kids, which is definitely unacceptable and stupidity on their parts. They need to be discussing how to keep the city secure instead of poking into their own personal affairs. We, the ordinary people have to buck up and carry out safely measures on our own. Just like how Mandira Bedi, a celeb of the big and small screen lashed out and said that "we shouldn't pay our taxes when we aren't given security of our lives, we should do something for our safely first" How true??

Mumbai is home to the biggies, and is known as the city that never sleeps! I think the city is gathering their wits and courage to face reality and gear up for the festive season. The Taj, the same hotel where the bloody siege took place, has reopened since three weeks of the terror. Though people are trying, there will always be a fear in the heart, but for now, lets pray for the victims and mat rays whose lives were taken three weeks ago and hope the city is back to normal once again.


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