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Monday, December 22, 2008

Two days more for Christmas and i can already hear Santa's bells ringing in the air :).. that's probably because i want to hear and feel the excitement the festive season brings in. I haven't been out for quite a while and shopping will be last minute, not that i don't have three sets already given to be tailored! hehe.. But the last minute shopping, is the best, the pre excitement shows the spirit of Christmas everywhere with the whole market decorated for the festive season. Not only the market but almost, the whole of the city is brightly decorated and Christmas carols play everywhere. I love visiting when the smell of scrumptious freshly baked cakes fill the air and most of all, one has to bump into some relative or some old pal! That's fun, really :)

Well, the night before Christmas we buy the kids their gifts, wrap them up and hide them away. Comes the morning and they search like mad.. i actually tell them that Santa hides away the gifts because its fun to search for them. I remember, as a kid, i used to act out the nativity story along with our other hostel mates and that was before our vacations would began. I enjoyed doing that as a christian every year during my 8 long years of life in the boarding! From being one of the sheep when i was little, to changing different characters every year and then moved on to join the choir :). We also used to have Santa coming over to visit us and give us gifts, and i believed in Santa a lot during those years of my life. Those years will be most cherished..

Christmas day is spent in fun and laughter with relatives who come over, and cakes, cookies, drinks and other food stuffs are offered. The best of the best meals are cooked to enjoy the feast with the guests. Its quite sometime since i've actually celebrated Christmas at its best just like when i was a kid, with my grandparents and a huge family and also while being a boarder. But Christmas is still celebrated with its spirit in the heart and with my family :). Our family get together and exchanging of wishes and gifts are still there.. everything is sill celebrated the same way.. yet there is something missing somewhere.. maybe my childhood :)

Wish you all a very very bright and joyous Christmas..

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