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Saturday, January 10, 2009

I had been watching the roadies show and every episode mind you, from from the start till the end. I admire those who are able to get the change and make it to this adventurous show. This time its the roadies 6.0, and the hell down under auditions was the best part of the show was going on so far. Raghu one the senior producers usually waits to chew on his prey at the auditions.. on who else, but the eager to jump into hell, youngsters! but this time it was double Raghu with his twin joining him for their prey.. they can break a tough gut person and make them cry like babies, yet that doesn't refrain from the roadies hungry guys and girls to land up for the audition's. The judges got to act as shrewed as possible to know which of them are the genuine or the fake and they've really got the courage to participate in this dammm tough show!

The winner gets to bag more than a lakh or how much money they've gathered at the end of the show, but before that there is much fun and adventure to go through. Every episode there is one or two tasks. A money task, an immunity task and a vote out. In the money task they got to complete a task given to them in order to collect funds which will eventually gather up and go on the be the prize money. The immunity task gives them a chance to save themselves from the vote out. Our whole family loves watching these shows which make you so excited.. and little Alisha too, loves watching, and laughs away like she understands everything.

The first episode of the roadies hell down under had been aired on TV this week and i was in splits at the great fall the yellow group had, flat on their faces. They were supposed to tie up both their legs and hands to each other, 6 of them in each group and run, hop, skip and jump their way over a roped wall. That's how they all fell. ha ha.. then crawl under a barbed wire tunnel just above the ground, and too all muddy covered. Then eat dry parathas and done! The green team won anyway for better performance.

The person to be voted out was Sufi who was out by 7 votes! seems everyone was scared of this handsome hunk, a struggling actor i think :) I remember watching his unbelievable physique.. oh yeah! the girls were disappointed and cried too.. so were the guys the ones to vote him out?? we will know that soon, waiting for the second episode.. next week

Ps. This is the same show that brought out a winner in Ashutosh, one of the house mates of big boss season 2, who then went on the win that show too!! read my label, reality shows, to know more :)


  1. bluecrystaldude said...
    Okay, he indeed has an amazing body. Hehe.. Look like an interesting reality TV :)
    nisha said...
    Hi chrystaldude.. no wonder the girls were crying.. ;) and oh yeah! i forgot to mention its an MTV very popular show.
    LadyJava said...
    Hi.. thanks for coming over to my blog.. I hope you have a nice stay.. You have a very informative blog too.. and I'll be sure to return soon :)

    Have a great week ahead :)
    nisha said...
    Thanks ladyjava.. that gives great strength to keep blogging especially when a writer has a mind blockage.. he he.. so sweet of you :)

    Hope to see you here again.. take care.. have a funfilled year :)
    Lynne said...
    I don't believe I've ever heard of this show but it looks like it would be hugely popular!
    nisha said...
    Hi lynne.. thanks for coming over dear :) this show features on Mtv, and it is a pretty popular show in India.. in fact the show rocks with all the youngsters and middle age here :)

    Have a nice day, lynne :)
    bluedreamer27 said...
    im back!! soryy for not being here in the blososphere for almost 2 weeks...
    but now im happy to tell you that im back from th field again...
    and im so sorry agin for missing some of your apology
    may you have a great year my friend
    have a great day and God bless! !
    i love your layout my friend
    blue colors make me smile hehe
    nisha said...
    No probs blue dear.. your always there in our hearts :)
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