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Monday, March 29, 2010

My health come first now!!!

Trying to write a personal post after ages but ouch, yes its my back hurts badly... maybe its the results of sitting a lot online, but not only that, i think my postures were never right whenever i sat up, for i always leaned to rest and and so the results had to be backaches... :(

The backache was just one excuse(exaggerating).. because i am also under treatment for pneumonia etc.. which is keeping me away from blogging and being online, though i do find time to just about browse around. Sometimes i find some tasks waiting for me in my email so that's when am here too though i cant keep up too much to the tasks because my health come first. At least am trying it this time! trying to prioritize my health before anything else.

Not updating my blog this long had badly affected it but am going to be posting frequently at least, if not daily... so please keep visiting am never going away :-)

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  1. Bluedreamer said...
    forget about updating your blog nisha... it doesn't matter now... what important is your health... get well soon...
    have a great day my friend and God will bless you!

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