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Monday, June 25, 2007

The introduction of my life and family.

Alisha completed 8Th months on the 18Th of June
Shes so playful, lively and full of curiousness to know about each object or thing which she puts into her mouth and gets me all worried and worked up.

When she was born, my doll was so tiny her little toes and fingers were so cute and pink and so very delicate just like cotton when touched...

I can still remember not having my pains even on the day I was given the due date, which put me into a tension that what would happen to me. I used to have my family at every point of time beside me monitoring my health, watching for every sign of my labour so that they could get organized and rush me to the nursing home but even then everything went smoothly without any signs surfacing. I had visited the nursing home on the day before the due day but was told to come only in emergency so I returned home all convinced that everything was ok. One week passed but nothing came up so I landed back to the nursing which followed by a firing by the doctors who told me that I was at risk of having a c section which I didn’t want at any cost. Got admitted to wait for the coming excitement but tension and fear built up in me.

Three days later i was then blessed with the dream of my life, my darling and sweetheart, my baby girl...

Oh how I could have screamed my life out at the sight of her, the feeling that came within me is inexpressible really. It seemed I had been granted a boon which I had always wished for. My happiness knew no bounds and as I waited in exertion to have a better view of my girl I was made to rest for the time being. When I regained strength I found her near me. Oh I was so excited to touch her tender skin. I just couldn't stop myself from admiring her as she looked so beautiful and so fair, like the Chinese babies. Her cheeks were so pinkish red and eyes so tiny. As she moved her fingers I tried to play with them but she clenched her fist with my fingers in them and I just smiled each time with a joy within.

The first person to see my doll was her father, he did have a hard day and night awaiting the arrival and now he was so excited to see her. In his heart he knew that she was my dream and that’s what made us much more prouder and happier and longed for the four of us to be together. Of course all this while, my son of seven years was at home and he was aware a sibling was on the way for him, a sister he admired b4 she entered the world through my tummy! my other family members were also excited and I remember I had the most amount of visitors in the nursing home. Each one showered us with gifts of love and blessing and opinions of who she resembled. In my heart I knew my baby was the most beautiful thing to me and her beauty to me was undoubtedly an exception and so inexpressive.

The 5 next days in the nursing home after delivery I spent looking after her,admiring and loving her after all this was the moment that I always wished for.

After 5 days, I returned home to my daily routine life but this time it was much more busier. Days passed with her nappy changing and sleepless nights sometimes she was so troublesome, sometimes she just slept away.

Both we parents took great care to see that the jealousy between siblings weren’t the cause for any harm to the baby. But Aryan was always caring and kissing the baby almost throughout the day only when at times he got a feeling of jealousy and used to show a sad face and throw up a tantrum. I couldn't give him much time coz the baby needed my whole attention, but he was so understanding sometimes helping me in every way he could but that mischievous always there.

Time passed…………….

Everyone says my baby is beautiful."Your baby should be a model," is what i hear from the time shes born. Can this really be true, can i fulfil my dreams? time is running out and nothing been done for i think it will be a pressure on her, is this the right decision or any other suggestions?


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