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Thursday, June 28, 2007

A few words from me

That, dear friends was my first post to have been put down in words, the words of a mother who had been in never ending joy from the moment she had a view of her dream... baby Alisha is my dream come true and i am so proud to be her mother.have you taken a look at her? what innocent eyes she has and did you see her beautiful face? her features are truly so mesmerizing and she has captured the hearts of all those who know her.

for instance her brother, hes loves nothing but to be around and play with her.her father, nothing in the world can bring a smile upon his lips even when hard times come our way.his aunt and uncles, all go GA GA over her pretty looks and as for me, i am not in this world even till now... yes am flying so very high but even the sky has no limits to bring me back

you think i ain't going to return? this is my world, nishas world and fun is what am about to bring to my viewers... just wait and watch how baby and me, will draw each one of you back here.

are you coming back?????

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  1. ben said...
    Yes am coming back!!!

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