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Monday, October 04, 2010

It’s my most awaited reality show and, yesterday was the first show of big boss on colors. I got ready with my glass of sprite and a chicken bara which contains so n so calories, and couched up to watch Salman Khan, our very handsome Bollywood actor, the host of big boss 4 to welcome the house inmates and entertain us with his self-invented jittery jives. I thought Prena who was the first inmate to arrive would be interesting to watch as we know her as a very popular female television star and whose ex-husband caused great shocks in his presence in season 2 at big boss house or even the two Pakistanis who i believe are controversial queens in their own motherland as one is the estranged girlfriend of the cricketer Mohammad Asif and the other is a crossed-dressed host of a popular talk show, but alas, today first day itself it was Davinder Singh alias Bunty Chor (chor means thief) who stole the show first day first show itself! haha.. He has spent long 13 years in prison (jail) for carrying out 500 clever robberies! Phew! i already feel exhausted thinking of it... ;)

But one certain thing plays on my mind as to why Big boss no more sounds like its going to be boring since from the very first day we (the audience) remained glued to the screen to watch a cool but adamant and aggressively Bunty abuse and cover the cameras with socks, and without regret, walk out of the show after big boss lost patience on trying to reform him in a day! i wonder if the scripted version was being acted out today... hehe.. Because i feel, suddenly after three successful seasons, how come this season allowed an ex-prisoner who had allegedly escaped jail, in the house when they should have known him better through the controversies surrounding him? Damm irritating to watch all those inmates act, as i believe they were... big boss is it something to excite us more, i bet you have turned clever like other shows... :)

So, while i think the other inmates earned their moolah very easily, Bunty earned his too, in return earning big bosses more popularity from the curiosity of the audience!? a very good start... waiting for tomorrow... till then cya :)

The repeat of big boss 4 is at 11.30 pm

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