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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alisha will be 4 years old on the 18th oct, 2010! I know its two days from now and the excitement has already set in. There’s a party for all close relatives and she will be dressed all in pink. We had ordered for her a chocolate cake with toms character decorated on it. Though we liked many pre-designed cakes in the huge catalogue in the Kathleen’s cake shop we didn’t find anything suitable to Alisha’s choice, but we managed to print out a picture of tom for the Kathleen’s cake shop to understand our needs. Tom and Jerry is her favorite character and i didn’t want to disappoint her with anything else other than her favorite, as not even Barbie would do! Right now at four i guess tom appeals to Alisha more than Barbie and Barbie can wait for a few more years to make her way into heart.

I already have her orders days before, to allow her to cut her own birthday cake (she doesn’t want me to hold the knife along with her), and says with actions “i will cut my cake, like this, and eat”… and while she says this her little hands show me how she would slice a piece of the cake, and putting her tiny whole palm and fingers into her mouth, shows me how she would eat the cake too! Haha

She is so happy she will be dressed as a fairy with the wings and the wand, like she watches on the cartoon network channel…

Few days ago, she was asking me if she will grow up like Bobby (Aryan) on her birthday while measuring her legs with her elder brothers… i said yes, and shes replies with a sad face, “mama my legs are small, i no grown abhi tak! Abhi tak means ‘till now’… and that’s her speaking with a mixture of Hindi and English.


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