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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How many times i hear people complaining about products they had purchased, for example, the rates of certain products are sold for higher prices than in town, or a expired products being sold. In this case a complaint should be registered by the consumer. But often times, our written complaints are received on deaf years which is why the Internet has got for you an easier way to help make sure your complaints are read and the matter looked into.

To make it more easier, the consumer forum was created so that consumers can register and file a complaint and the case will be instantly handed over to responsible advisers who try and solve your issue, and if need be, the case will also be taken to a consumer court.

The many categories include, auto mobile, business, accessories, government services, education, entertainment, and others. There is also a Health and beauty sub forum where i think i need to make plenty of complaints about products not being to the mark of its promises, plus the prices soar! What are your complaints today?


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