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Friday, January 20, 2012

What i thought was supposed to be a shopping trip today for my birthday next month, turned out to a surprise from my hubby who had something else in mind... he couldn't wait to gift me my personal laptop on my birthday 25th Feb, he did it today!!!! I'm extremely excited... as i don't have to break my back and neck any more!!!! lol... Love you darling ;-) :-)

That was a facebook status update i posted yesterday, but my laptop hasn't yet arrived! I'm sure it will, soon, as the delivery was supposed to today but could have been help up due to reasons only known to my hubby. I'm too excited and dying to bid gooodbye to my desktop because i'll no more have to take pains sitting continuously in one place or even break my neck and back by the posture i sit for hours!My desktop is positioned awkwardly and it does affect my eyes too!

Anyways, my first personal lappie and gifted in advance, just too much to digest for now! haha i'll be retiring and my kids are gonna replace me here! they've already been playing on the other desktops at home but this screen is huge and good for games. We're all too excited! but lets see, hopefully tomorrow will be receiving the awaited package and there is lots more to celebrate about... i'm not saying anything now... ;-) :-)


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