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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I always thought that a home is the only place where one is allowed to organize their lifestyle accordingly, when you might want to tuck away your do to list somewhere to resume later, or things, where you can keep away in a cabinet in close view so that when you need it, its right in front of you! this way of sorting and storing things would help you to find things easily. Isn't it? saves time and energy! But who though you can also do this online with your favorite sites, pages, etc which might find online and like to bookmark for later viewing. It is possible on a website called clipix

I have just created an account and playing around with my saved favorites clips on Clipix. It allows you to cut and clip and bookmark in style everything you would want to store and get back to later, just at click of your mouse! You can create new categories, as many as you like, and also rearrange your clips according to your liking. You can customize the privacy settings depending on whom you want to allow to view and leave comments on your clips like your pictures, videos, pages, or on your favorite articles, products, etc, just the way i have done it. You can also share them on Facebook and Twitter the two most popular social networking sites but remember, its up to you to use the site wisely!  

I have added some of my favorite videos, beauty tips and recipes to try out later! With valentines day around the corner i have been surfing around for gifts for my family and i have decided to clip a few gifts ideas for my loved ones birthdays too! this tool is very handy for me since i am a person who loves to leave activities midway and get back to it later!

It would be great for you as a reader to sign up, too and don't forget to comment below on how you would be using the site. There is an IPhone app which allows you to clip pictures of things and scenes you like while on the go! Get going now and make bookmarking easier with Clipix!

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