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Saturday, March 03, 2012

It seems i've been too hooked on to face book these days, no time to blog! but no, its not like it seems it just that i am taking a break because resting is more important than blogging and crucial for my health! I've turned 31 last month and it doesn't at all make me feel a bit older! Im doing all the things possible to 'feel' younger if not growing or getting older, but i guess at a certain age of growth even adults tend to feel, think and behave like kids just like when they were actually kids! strange is the aging process... is that we grow from small to big in size and big to small in minds if not by size again! Ah, i just dont have the mind to think anything right now since its time to sleep and i am already one foot in my bed......!

So good night my readers... i would continue writing with a refreshed mind once im up and continue blogging regularly on this baby i've being depriving for so long... :-)


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