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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Another day gone by........

Im so Bored at home today with nothing to do, nothing much of my interest as in... so i decided to write a poem on my favorite topic Love. But before that let me tell you i was so happy in the morning because i was able to see one my siblings and bring her home! The delight she bought to me is of unexpressed emotions, and i could also see the same excitement in her. We dont get to meet because she is so busy with her schooling so one can imagine my happiness!

The kids loved her spending time with us here and i got the chance to show her how you operate the internet as she is far from the net world die to her hectic schedule of studies, school and tutions. Hope to see her again soon!

Now back to my poetry writing, its still incomplete! I would post it some other day as, as i write i am almost going to fall on my desk with sleep taking over mee........... ZZZZZZZZZ


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