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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Today while India celebrated Holi, the festival of the Hindus, the world celebrated Women's day. This day can never be forgotten by me as few years ago i had one of the worst nightmares of my life, a fracture! Infact multiple fractures on my big toe! now isn't that as painful as birthing? not at all but it was an extremely painful experience i'd never imagined i would have to go through. Being a holiday most of the hospitals remained closed and i had to struggle with the pain for a whole night! As soon as morning arrived we, my bro in law and hubby, rushed to the hospital and took an x-ray. The report shocked me but not more than the pain which only eased after i was taken to a nearby clinic to have half of my leg plastered... i kept it on for a few days and had it removed to find no sign of any fracture, minus the pain and to me this was a miracle. Doctors are saviors, really!

Anyway Holi is the festival of colors which i had already posted about here... my kids enjoyed a lot playing with the colors. We elders just remained at home. This day will always be a day to remember... Happy and safe Holi all my readers :-)


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