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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tomorrow is Aprils fools day and i am planning something to fool my friends online. Its like every year i do something or the other to fool them and this year i don't know how things are going to go off, if my plans are going to work or going to go haywire! hahaha... I'm not saying what i am about to do because then you wouldn't fall for it!?

For now just let me share with you all a few of my previous April fools pranks on my family. One year i had served salted tea to my husband at breakfast and he was like almost bringing up but i had a huge laugh but had to be forgiven because it was April fools day after all, and my cruelty was justified! I dare do that again though.... ;-)

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  1. exinco said...
    april fool is sometimes fun and sometimes turn into disaster

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