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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Eleven months of fun and entertainment... thats how i can express what babies give their parents during their first year of growth.just the other day my baby, alisha, was born and today shes eleven months already.she completed 10 months on the 18th of october and soon its gonna be her birthday, her first birthday ever... that will be so cute to see her blow out her candles and cut her waiting to celebrate that day in a grand way and make it a remembrance for a lifetime:)but god willing is the word:) my cutie grew so quickly right in front of my eyes and shes already so smart coz she does have her way on the computer too... so buddies, dont blame me for not responding back in time(wink) my babies got some assignments to finish.see for yourself in the pics:)

activities she loves
as the musics on, my doll wont stop herself from shaking to the rhythm and singing in her babyish style... thats the most exciting thing one can see at this stage.she even loves watching tv as much as i do!... loves bashing up her elder bro with whatever she finds, luckily i dont keep boulders in her way:)... she loves my handbag, tries to eat up everything in there like money, makeup etc but puts them back so obediently after a little scolding from me... points to everything she recognises and talks to me in a babbling way(i love this new milestone alot)coz i try to figure out what she says and that leaves me feeling so much more excited and loving towards her.

she hates
bathing:) sees the tub of water and cries but once in the water shes ok with it... yet shes loves seeing her brother bathing and cheers him in glee by clapping her hands.

games she plays
peekaboo.. either with us or with the funny bunnies on the comp... wrestling with her bro(am the undertaker,says she).. haha..

she eats
rice,dal,veggies,cerealac(rice and fruit).. recently introduced egg yolk and fish but that didnt seem to suit her.

sleep timings
that doesnt seem to match the time with her mamma and i end with lack of sleep which is why i look no less than a panda bear!

there could be some hard times when crawling makes it so much more tougher for me but the amount of happiness she bought into my life makes every moment with her seem so easy and every unfulfilled dream seeme to have come true.only those who live with babies can understand how a baby can change those dark days into lighted ones...

mommas dont you agree with me? need to share something about your baby,you are most welcome to do so in the comment box:)


  1. Rajendra said...
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    Aayush said...
    That is sooo cute ! nice pics !
    Waliz said...
    alisha is sooo lucky to have you nisha as her mother..i can seetht u adore her very musc..and she is sooo cute...anyway my birthday is on 13th october..haaa

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