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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tagged by waliz.. my dear friend.Its a tag where you have to jot down the things you love and hate most.I thought it was a good way to share some of my likes and dislikes.. and would like to tag anybody who reads the post;) as each of my friends are already tagged so its entirely up to each individual if you like to take on the tag:)

I love

my family, kids:)

listening to music


day dreaming

passing my time on the internet;)

being generous/helpful

a peaceful atmosphere/surrounding

to admire nature

my privacy

to feast on pizzas/momos/biryani/tandoori chicken;)

I hate

crowded places

talking on the phone;)

abusive language/violence

untrustworthy people/hypocrites.. very bad ones

being judged wrongly

to be forgiving, but sorry i am that way;)hehe

i dont remember more!;)


  1. bluecrystaldude said...
    I also have done mine. Check it out :DD
    waliz said...
    hi Nisha..thanks for i know wht u love and hate most...thanks!
    Dann said...
    hi nisha..
    that's interesting love and hate meme..

    take care and have a great time ;)
    bluedreamer27 said...
    you have such an encouraging love meme
    very interesting nisha
    nisha said...
    Hi dude.. i will check it out soon, i know its gonna be pretty interesting:)

    Hi Waliz, i know what you love and hate most too:) and i love your home! inviting me someday??

    Hi dann.. yours was equally interesting:) but my list out beat yours;)

    Hi bluedreamer.. i guess i love more than hate, if you noticed it:)
    Navin said...
    Nice to know about your likes/dislikes Nisha Ji

    by the I'm liking that butterfly flapping at top :) wow
    nisha said...
    Thanks Navin.. but why nisha ji???;)

    Am looking foward to reading all your previous posts that i have missed, find them interesting no:)

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