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Friday, January 04, 2008

This is my first award to my very close blogger friend Waliz.. who was always so supportive of me.. who never forgets to leave her precious comments on any of my posts.We are always in touch through messages and comments and we both feel pretty happy in sharing our little blogosphere excitements and problems..Waliz will never make you feel like your alone in this blogger world because she never hesitates to lend her support anytime you need it.I really feel so obliged to let her have this award and hope she will like it:)

I would like to mention that if you took a visit to her blog, you'd know instantly what a loving and sweet person she is.. the way she transforms every emotion of hers into words and lets her readers feel so content after a visit to her blog is fabulous. She has posts on anything from jokes.. to her emotions, when shes low or even during her exams and holidays.. she is so full of fun and a great friend too! take a visit to her site and see for yourself:)

In future i am going to present awards to all my special friends with a review of their site on my blog.I will try my best to give a good review and do justice to each of my blogger friends blogs/sites but what could be a better way of getting some blog promotion and traffic, all through my site:) I would always appreciate a banner link back too.. all you have to do is.. come be my friend and i shall do the rest:)


  1. waliz said...
    Nisha...i'm crying now..i really do...i never thought just a simple comment or visit or sharing thoughts wth all my friends especially wth u..i deserve such a beautiful and wonderful god this award is really beautiful and i wish i can keep it forever!
    and the though, the effort to create ths award while busy wth yr family and kids make this award more meaningful to me..

    i cant describe my feelings now..and i cant find word tht good enough to say thank you to u..Nisha.

    You will be always be my best and loving friend forever!

    i still cant believe i deserve this totally awsome award...this is the BEST award ever!!
    nisha said...
    waliz.. of course you do deserve this award very much... i know it cant be compared to the beauty you have withen but its just a tiny appreciation for a being my friend and a wonderful person too!:)

    the sharing of comments and thoughts do matter alot:) i truly appreciate friends who are as loving as you... you cant find words to thank me??? but you've already appreciated my award so much:) i really feel on top of the world!!

    am so happy you liked it.. and will surely be your loving friend forever:)
    Dann said...
    Hi Nisha..
    Yup ..she is the one.. She really really deserves this award..

    I am so happy that she got the award and happy that you are the one who gave her award..

    take care and have a great time ..;)
    nisha said...
    hi dann.. yeah waliz sure deserves the award... she will always remain my greatest blogger friend ever:)Am so happy for her too:)

    I have a few more special friends who deserve special awards like this... a rocking girl called raajji and you're there too!:)each friend has their very special place in my heart:)

    have fun:)
    Dann said...
    Hi nisha..
    thanx a lot for making a place for me in your heart..;) ..take care and have a great time ..;)
    (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...
    aww.. that is so sweet :-)
    bluedreamer27 said...
    yeah i do know waliz shes so awesome and a wonderful commentator
    she deserved that i think
    nice to know you nisha
    bluecrystaldude said...
    I was from waliz's. And I honestly said that she deserved ones. with this award, I hope she will continues to do better in her life and with blogging. cheers~

    nice knowing you too nisha!
    have a nice day
    Navin said...
    Nisha, tussi great hooooooooooo :)
    nisha said...
    Hi bluecrystaldude.. so sorry i cant get to comment on your blog:( dont know whats the prob.. but will try away!

    Hi navin.. not even that great;) waliz is really great.. she has been a sweet girl from the beginning, from the time i had known her:) she really deserved appreciation from me no?

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