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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dann had given me the five star award a few days ago, its the second one from Dann.. am so sorry for being late.. but then you know i'll always appreciate it, whenever you link to me on your blog.. be it for an award or anything:) thanks so much.. this five star award had made my day, it made my day that day itself and even today and're a great friend always:) read my special blogger friends label, to know more...

The chain of friendship souvenir is so beautiful, all thanks to my friend mr viruz who has created it for his blogger friends.. me being one of them :) of course i am so delightful to have this on my blog and truly out of words to express my feelings.. i would love to pass it to my friends below:) the rest of my friends have already received this souvenir award from mr virus.. congrats, each one of you:)



  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    wow congrats for the awards you gain nisha you deservee that
    waliz said...
    congratulations Nisha...i got the awards too...dont u think we have a wonderful friends around us like mrviruz,bluedreamer, blucrsytal and Dann? i'm glad being one of their friends including you! the sad thing is i not yet give a ny award to them bcos i dont know how to do the award by myself..isk isk isk...*very sad*
    nisha said...
    Hi bluedreamer.. Thanks so much for being my dearest cutest sweetest friend :)
    nisha said...
    Yeah waliz you said it.. we all have really amazing friends and am sure am gonna create beautiful awards for them too.. the ones that will sparkle on their blogs, just like yours :)

    sad thing for me is my puter is damm slow.. got to format it asap and when am back.. ive planned lots of interesting things for my blogger friends and my blog too!

    Hey waliz i can help you out, if you wish.. isnt it?
    Aayush said...
    Congrats for the award Nisha..thanx for tagging me :)
    Sweetiepie said...
    congratulations nisha!You have an interesting blog.Keep it up :)
    Navin said...
    Nisha, thanks a lot, my next post is all about my friends you
    Scotty said...
    Great Award for a Great Person, Congratulations Nisha and Thanks for Tagging me. Appreciate it. You are in my friends list already. BTW did you check the HOT Trends toolbar for your browser : Cheers !
    nisha said...
    ayush you deserve it cutie.. infact you deserve my personal award too!
    nisha said...
    thanks sweetie pie.. your blog speaks wonders too!
    nisha said...
    navin.. am looking foward to it soon, buddy :)
    nisha said...
    scotty thanks alot.. am happy for you too! thanks for considering me as a friend:)

    i will check out the toolbar soon!
    mr_viruz said...
    oh you had already posted it huh!

    nice one

    you deserve those awrd nisha
    and i know theres lots of awrds still coming for you
    NIHAL said...
    An award well deserved I must say!

    Keep on doing what you're doing right now Nisha, and you will achieve many great things in life, that's for sure :)

    Thank you also for sharing this with me, as usual, I'm always late when it comes to thanking people :(

    Well done!
    nisha said...
    Mr viruz.. i did post it, but only after i saw the reply comment through email ;)

    sorry i couldnt thank you mr viruz.. am having problems to visit the hall of fame blog! dunno why.. but you see.. i keep my word :)
    nisha said...
    Thanks nihal.. thanks for the kind words.. i always appreciate what people think and wish for me.. and i wish the same for you too:)

    If you think you're the one whose late, then am always last in commenting! hehe

    My friends are really very nice to tolerate me!;)
    mr_viruz said...
    it seems that your quite busy rigth now we miss you nisha hope soon you'll come back

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