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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ive been away for a while but am back with my favourite part of my blog, thats blogging about my special blogger friend ;)i want to thank each one of them for being so good to me.. and for the lovely awards they share :)

I recieved this beautiful gift from our kindest and cutest friend, BLUEDREAMER.. and i want him to know, that he lights up our days! when darkness prevails.. if you want to know more about my cutest friend please read my special blogger friends label :)

This friendship award was given to me by LILYRUTH.. and i want to tell her that i wish her all the best towards her goal :) i am really inspired by her love for dogs you must do your part, by visiting her blogs and helping her to raise funds for the welfare of dogs :)

This valentines day ribbon was given to me by MR VIRUZ.. i want to tell him that hes a wondedrful friend and will go a long way in this blogger world.. just visit his blog right away and see how popular and friendly he is! his blog the hall of fame, is according to me, dedicated to the greatest and famous personalities from past and present :)

The addictive blog award was given to me by BLUECRYSTALDUDE and i'd like him to know that his blog rocks! hes a talented young writer in the making and if you want a daily dose of outstanding humour, passion and honest views.. you must visit his blog to know more and he'll surely link to you :)

I consider the lines below, from NAVIN, as a precious gift because the words touched the core of my heart.i felt that there was someone who understood the person withen me and i want to thank him for posting such kind words about me :) hes truly loving, caring, respects others sentiments and a very sober, no airs guy.. he blogs on useful things like technology,internet tips,fun things and his writing skills attracts visiters worldwide, who turn up to his blog like swarms of bees! visit his blog quickly :)

My another friend Nisha who has not written a poem but a prose. Really inspiring.

NAVIN!.. i started liking his blog when he wrote an outstanding post on prashant, the Indian idol 3.he keeps updating posts on what everyone would rush to read.

To know about Nisha, here is her blog:

Remarks: Nisha has been deliberately tagging my blog on her pages. She is one of the unique friends with no selfishness but with a good heart. Nisha, you know what?, you really are a good person. Personally, I've felt that and I really appreciate your compliments. Thanks a lot.

Thanks navin.. you are one of the bestest best friends i've found in this blogger world :)


  1. bluecrystaldude said...
    Hi nisha,

    Ha ha. Thanks for your kind comment.. I am not that "rocks", but I try to be one (I am currently study "hard" for my exams. Is that count? :)

    bluecrystaldude said...
    Opst.. Forgot to mention, I LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT! Love it! :DD
    nisha said...
    Thanks dude.. of course you rock! hope you keep studying HARD'LY';) and come out with flying colors, wish you all the best:)

    i also want to say i got some problems while visiting your site:( but ill have to keep trying..
    coolingstar9 said...
    Nisha, how are you? glad to know that you have received so much love from bloggers like Bluedreamer27, bluecrystaldude, Mr.viruz.
    Nisha, keep it up.
    bluedreamer27 said...
    hello nisha its nice to see you back and gheeh youve got plenty of awards congratulations so when is the party hehe
    have a great day you really deserve those awards
    Sweetiepie said...
    COngrats on your awards.NIce to see you around.:)
    bluedreamer27 said...
    hello just dropping by here again nisha have a great day
    nisha said...
    Hi cooling star! am so glad ive got such wonderful friends out here:)
    nisha said...
    Hi bluedreamer.. your the first one who ive thanked in the post ;) i cant understand how to pay you back for such kindness :)
    nisha said...
    sweetipie.. thanks for being here often:)
    lilyruth said...
    Hello Nisha , glad your bacvk I have missed you. Listen You have annother award waiting for you to pick up and add to your my awards collection and you have a nice bunch of awards smile. Its a totally awesome award that you deserve so come and stop by to pick it up.. Listen also let me know the code to yur My awrds Id like to add my awards like you have yours here so please let me know the code send it to me just copy and paste the code you have to your my awards from your page elements and send to me or let me know where I can get it to make my awards like yours. Also let me know where you got tis template from for your blog its nice i would like to get one for my next blog. Take care and stop by soon.. LOTS OF HUGS to my favorite blogger.

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