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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Baby Alisha has turned 15 months now! When i had last posted about her(12th month), she could hardly walk. Barely would she stand up, trying to walk and bang! On her bottom she would fall. Finally her attempts have paid off (it takes alot of hard work to finally get going :)) and the toddler has walked her way of out babyhood... Lately, she started doing summersaults! Can you imagine that? But i love encouraging her on that, its alot of fun and play... plus helps to develop her skills.

She doesn’t bother about the computer anymore for the TV seems to mesmerize her. While she loves to watch cartoons and all the bollywood dance numbers, she is no less than a dancing doll! Clicking her fingers and trying to shake just like Aishwarya in the video crazy kya re! Haha that’s my little 15 month old!

A few days ago she cut her lip while hopping around, it bled alot and guess what? My knee was the culprit :( in the night i found her talking away in an inncocent angry babyish tone to my knee, as if complaining “why did you hurt me"??? I smiled, took her in my arms and loved her... babies are that innocent :)

Oh and how she loves talking in her gibberish language, just how as much as we all love listening to her. After all, these days will never come again... she calls every living thing "papa" imagine? The dog, cow, goat or even the baby on TV is her "papa"!! :)

She admires the other baby in the mirror... makes monkey faces, kisses the other babys face and then lifts her hands and legs while wondering why the other baby in the mirror does the same! Even butts the other baby teaseingly ;)

Babies at this age are very troublesome but lesser than what a 12th, 13th, 14th month baby is! Of course tantrums still continue and she butts her head into me if i refuse her anything. I just have to tell her "bye baby, am going" even if am sitting in the same room as her, she'll come walking quickly saying "no no no no"... she cant walk quickly but tries, a few falls and she’s trying again:) but my cutie understands what's right and what's not.. Isn’t she growing big too quickly!!

Baby will get her vaccine this month and i also want to remind other moms and dads to be in time for their babies vaccines... Remember it’s critical for your baby and should be your first priority :)

If you have a baby/toddler.. leave your comments about your little. Am curiously looking foward to hearing about their innocence/tantrums/milestones etc.. And give her/him a tight hug n kiss from me :)


  1. coolingstar9 said...
    She is learning now. As you know, her absorbing power is very strong, please let her learn as much as possible within her short span of interest.
    She likes colourful things i think.
    I wish her healthy, see you soon.
    From coolingstar9
    nisha said...
    Hi coolingstar! that was so surprising.. am so glad to see you here:) but i appreciate it:)

    I know at this stage shes very very curious!! thanks for the kind words:)
    Lalaine said...
    Hi Nisha,

    Alisha's so cute! Great to hear abt her read to her a lot too. been reading to my daughter since she was 5 mos. old..and her vocabulary is just 3 month and 3 week old son is starting to 'crawl' too and he fell from the bed yesterday,.:(
    mr_viruz said...
    hey nisha i know your a great mother im for that im sure alisha will grow up nicely just like you
    congrats to both of you
    mr_viruz said...
    nisha i have something for at my hall of fame check it out
    nisha said...
    Hi lalaine.. Exactly, Alisha loves me to read to her! thanks for the advice, am always open to them;)

    I love hearing kids speak their first sentances.. and am sure your enjoying communicating with your daughter:)

    Thats not a good news about your boy.. how is he now? hope hes fine.. we(my fmly) has dismantled our bed and sleeping on a matress(a thick one) since alisha started crawling.. dint want any risks, and amzingly shes had no falls! sacrifices, you know:)..
    nisha said...
    Mr viruz.. lemme me check out your site right away:)

    thanks for the kinds words and thoughts for us.. i wish you a life of success, peace and happiness always:)
    bluecrystaldude said...
    I always adore gibberish language the same way I adore british's slang. But the gibberish always won the way out because it's the only language been spoken at restricted age. LOL.. I miss it!

    Sorry for the absent. I went to holiday :DD
    bluedreamer27 said...
    wow alisha turn in 15 month
    im sorry for i cant give taddlers due to i do not have a baby lol
    but then its so nice to see a mother happy as she see her childs progression of growing up hehe
    mr_viruz said...
    my friend happy valentine check out my tag for you at
    angela said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    nisha said...
    Hi dude.. i prefer the restricted gibberish speakers better :)
    nisha said...
    Hi bluedreamer.. you mean advice right? well dont worry maybe someday i'll be able to give you that ;)

    Hey do you have a baby sis? i saw that your mybloglog pro.. how old is she? do lemme know :)

    Thanks so much for sharing my happiness :)
    nisha said...
    I will mr viruz.. thanks anyways :)
    Sweetiepie said...
    Alisha is so cute!I experienced the same thing when both my girls were at that age.It seems like all the perfectly sweet babies we know,started throwing fits at between 10-15 months.I tried not to react to the tantrums cuz I don't want to reinforce that behavior.She is grown up don't worry it's a normal reaction. ;)
    NIHAL said...
    Hi Nisha,

    Its been a while since I last visited your site and to be frank it has grown tremendously well, just like baby Alisha, she's one adorable kid.

    Ya, gotta agree with you, the things our babies do when they're at this age is priceless. My little Ayesha is three now but she still has problems walking though, due to her syndrome. It may take her some time to fully accomplish this but nevertheless she fills our days with laughter, joy and happiness.
    waliz said...
    she is so cute i can just wish i can hold her right now and talk to her her in blabberish talk! she's awsome nisha...u must be the proudest mom in this world! cant wait to see her growing and become a pretty teenagers like her aunty waliz hahaha..but bear in mind i'm not a teenager anymore..*sad*..wish her all the best in this world but wth u as her mom i think she will be doing just fine...!
    nisha said...
    Sweetiepie.. i guess its just good old-fashioned tantrums ;)
    nisha said...
    Hii Nihal! wow its great to see you back to blogging.. Thanks for the sweet words about my blog and Alisha.. I'll always appreciate that buddy :)

    I love your girls name.. was always confused whether to name Alisha, 'Ayesha or Alisha':) but finally decided to name her Alisha..

    Dont worry no matter what Ayesha is going through, she's surely blessed and lovable :) and everthing will be fine for her soon :)
    nisha said...
    I am the proudest mom Waliz.. and am sure she'll be growing up sweetly, just like her teenager aunt, waliz;)

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