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Friday, April 25, 2008

I recently signed up for this site called but to my horror i found out that it was just a scam site! I've seen many of my friends and fellow blogger still have the banner up on their sites and would like to inform you all that the banner itself contains a malware virus which is cleverly injected into it and causes some bad sites to pop up and may lead to banning of your blogs from Google and other sites. Not only that, even your visitors may believe that its a part of your blog and may earn you a bad reputation.. No wonder, my statics show a decrease in my traffic! so i request you to remove the banner soon, Friends.

The best part is that they will pay you $3.5 for every 1000 page impressions from your blog and they payout is every 5,10,15 days but whats the use of such a site that gives us malware in return?? I had signed up from a referral and did not know it was a scam at first, until i saw that in the google index.. My site is clean and i don't need such quick money schemes which hurt my reputation in this blogger world. what trick have you fallen for??


  1. waliz said...
    hi nisha..i've fallen to a scam is called surfjunky...maybe u have heard of ths site before....but is never too late to rectified our mistake rite?
    nisha said...
    Hi waliz.. nice to hear from you:) thank god the next day of putting the code on my site, i checked up with googles index and found it a scam. no, ive never heard of that site. I usually i sign up from my friends blogs so never doubted about pay-ads at first!

    you should blog about surfjunk(the word 'junk' seems fishy na?), to make others aware.. thanks god, all the paid to blog sites work:) ill be putting a list of them and what i gained from them soon..
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Nisha, thanks for your information about the scam.

    Here is another tag for you:

    Have a nice weekend!
    Anonymous said...
    Hmmm...the internet is a dangerous place to be! Scam sites can really get people into trouble..its good that you have put this to notice..good work Nisha.

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