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Friday, April 04, 2008

My hottest award and tag

My 'Top Hottest Five' Award below from blue dreamer.. am so happy to be counted in the league of hot bloggers:)Thanks blue for creating this wonderful game, wish you create many more!

Tagged by Sweetie pie my sweet friend, a mommy blogger too! shes wonderful at cooking up posts with plenty of spicy ingredients:) check her blog out too!

List Out The Top 5 Presents You Wish For:
1.A laptop!
2.A Nokia N72 mobile phone!
3.A wardrobe full of designer salwar suits!
4.An i10 car!
5.A beach facing flat!

The Person Who Tagged Me Is:
Sweetie pie

Your 5 Impressions Of Him/Her:
1.A wonderful mum to her kids
2.A great and inspiring friend
3.A wonderful personality
4.An awesome mum blogger
5.A supportive and encouraging commenter

Most Memorable Things He/She Has Give/Done For You
Been very supportive from day one, since we started out as blogger friends:)

The Most Memorable Words He/She Said To You
'You are really an amazing friend!Don't worry about us,get your duties done first.I truly understand your situation right now.Thanks for the beautiful award.Love it!:)'

If He/She Becomes Your Lover, You Will
HAHAHAHAHHAHA your kidding me? we are both females!

If He/She Becomes Your Enemy, The Reason Will Be
YOU! HEHEHEHE.. never possible even in my wildest dreams!

Pass The Quiz To 5 People That You Wish To Know How They Feel About You:

1. Who Is No.3 Having Relationship With?
No idea ;)

2. Who Is No.5 Having Relationship With?
No idea ;)

3. If No.3 And No.2 Are Together, Will It Be A Good Thing?
Oh my GOD! they'll kill me after reading this! ;)

4. What About No.4 And No.5?
Oh no, never! lalaine is married and bluedreamer is just 18!

5. What Is No.3 Studying?
I don't have exact details but i think shes studying:)

6. When Is The Last Time You Chatted With No.5?
Hes my buddy and am always chatting with him through comments:)

7. Does No.4 Work?

8. Do You Have Any Cousin In His/Her Own School?

9. Will U Be With No.1?
No.. we're both married! hehehehe.. we're females, actually ;)

10. How About No.5?
Hes my best buddy!

11. Does No.2 Have Any Siblings?
No, as hes not married yet!

12. How Did U Get To Know About No.2 And No.4?
Met both in the blogger world itself!

13. Where Does No.1 Live At?

14. How Did U Get To Know No.3?
She was my first blog commenter and i owe an appreciation to her for that:)

15. Is No.5 The Sexiest Person In The World?
Hes a gem of a person, don't know about how sexy though! isn't it friends?? you can also answer this:)



  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    hello nisha thanks for the tag will do that this sunday
    and your wish is my command hehe
    i included you in my 12 invited bloggers heres the link
    thanks nisha
    (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...
    oh gosh, you dont know anything about me... that is just sad. We should talk...hehe
    I am a sociology student probably will pursue journalism or law.

    My relationship? Not with anyone in the blogger world..hehe

    Cool Tag!
    bluedreamer27 said...
    hi nisha just dropping by again btw
    just want to know youre answer
    in the link i have given to you
    sorry gheeeeh i really need the responce for my 12 invited bloggers hehe
    have agreat day
    Navin said...
    This no 2 is okie with the statement but No 2's girlfriend if finds this blog trying to fix up things with No 3, then No 2 be seeing my shirts button falling, cheeks scratched and hairs pulled out.

    You are right, No 2 doesn't have any siblings. Had sex without plastic still not having one. No 2 doubts if anything is wrong with him or with No 2's

    No 2 met you on blogosphere too..
    Hey, Nisha thanks for your mention and I'm sorry to read about your PageRank dropdown.

    You should be clever enough while linking to people, You should always check your linkers if they've linked back to you or not.. and you should post more of a quality content then just linking to others blog.

    Google is all about managing informations and It doesn't really like sites without much informations. I didn't mean to say that to you okie? I find your blog interesting, but may be for google, it's different thing. \

    Have a good time , Nisha
    Anonymous said...
    hi Nisha, a simple Pink Heart Tag for u. Have a nice day!
    waliz said...
    Nisha..congrats wth the award frm blue...its quite a long time since i hear frm u..
    nisha said...
    Hi bluedreamer.. i was away since many days, never got this link in time:( am so sorry really.. am i still able to partcipate? please let me know soon ok:)

    Hi raajji.. now i know something about you;) thanks for sharing:)

    Hey navin.. hahaha i hope no 2's cheeks and hair remain safe forever;) your right i should post some quality content soon.. am open to suggestions always:)

    Hi martini.. thanks for the tag, will check out soon:)

    Waliz.. i was busy with a few things so i couldnt get to access the net at all.. am back after a long break and ill catch up with you soon:)

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