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Thursday, April 03, 2008

My google page rank

I am so heart-broken today and i don't feel like posting anymore! my Google page rank has fallen from pr4 to pr2!! A few months back, my blog short up straight to pr3 and then last month when Google updated, my blogs rank sprang up to pr4 but now what?? but hey i guess its all my fault:(.. off lately i haven't been visiting or commenting on my fellow bloggers blogs, neither have i been visiting any of the communities i've joined and neither have i been posting.. all these points do matter alot.. so i think i deserved this.. now i've got to work harder and steal back my rank from Google:) you think so???

Anyone has any suggestions for improvements or anything annoys you on my blog? am always open to suggestions and criticisms folks.. so feel free to leave me your comments:)

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  1. waliz said...
    dont lose your faith is the matter of time..your pr will shoot up again..ok? dont worry girl..
    Lalaine said...
    OH i'm sorry about this Nisha..I myself get confused over this PR thing. I had a tiny weeny PR1 1-2 months ago but also disappeared into thin air. I too got discouraged but I realized that my first reason for blogging is not to make money nor to get a PR but because I just love to blog, make friends and share my thoughts, life and ideas. So from that on, I decided , with PR or no PR..I'll still blog because I simply enjoy it! :)

    Take care girl! At least your PR is still there :)
    Sweetiepie said...
    sorry to hear that.I notice it too.Maybe you write those paid post.I had no idea how to increase the PR cuz I mysef never have it at all.Cheers.Don't worry to much.:)
    nisha said...
    Waliz, thanks for the encouraging words sweetie.. no worries as of now;)
    nisha said...
    Hey lalaine.. Thanks for being so supportive.. i remember that day, about your pr. i think it does matter alot and got nothing to do with paid posts;)after all whatever we blog about.. its all for the fun of it:)

    Actually pr means the value of a page, how many times the page has been viewed etc.. so it does matter right? but yeah am happy that its still green;)
    nisha said...
    sweetiepie.. i dont think the paid posts affect the pr as i mentioned above:) its a page value and there are ways to increase it, like to keep interacting in communities, fourms, comments etc:) all the best to you!
    bluedreamer27 said...
    oh my if google fails you well you never failed us
    we love your blog and you blog should be ranked first for me
    coolingstar9 said...
    Do not worry, be happy. You have a lot of readers including me.
    I wish your goggle pagerank can shoot up again.
    Lets cheer up. life is great with so many people hug you.
    Have a nice day and happy forever, you are great blogger.
    Sagar Patel said...
    Google's PR is not having any value in webmasters' community. Believe it or not, most of the successful bloggers and site-owners just don't like to talk about PR much.
    And the PR as seen from Google Toolbar isn't the correct one. Because, I have account in Google Webmasters and I had seen always that the PR isn't assigned yet, though in the toolbar it was 2.
    So, forget about PR, in short. :)

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