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Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Yesterday i watched the third episode of Akshays Khatron Ke Khiladi in which the macho actor himself hosts the show making it more fun and enjoyable. His comments are all talks because he has us tickling in the ribs and the contestants seem in zeal and comfort with him too. This show, for those who don't have an idea about what am talking about is the Indian version of fear factor and this time they've taken it to level two with more dangerous stunts. Yucks! the girls out there, the contestants who are mostly tall beauties like models and film stars, seem to be having their share of creepy cocktail along with risking their lives. The first day it was having to eat worms(literally.. lol), the second it was cockroach's and spiders all over their faces and yesterday it was having to gulp own a mug of milk and then going for a spin, upside down, over sea water.

Each day there are two stunts being performed and makes our whole family sucking sweets(making sympathetic noises and comments).. hehe.. So i'll be back writing a better post about the show. Till then.. cya


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