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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

While being parents, have you watched how your kid tries to pick their food off the floor and pop it into their mouth innocently?

I guess as parents we do teach our kids not to pick food off the floor and eat it because as we all know that bacteria gets attached to food making it harmful for us to consume but sometimes parents might think that if we pick up the food as quick as possible, say in an instant of five seconds, it might have less changes of getting contaminated with bacteria. That's not right and not a good idea at all and the best choice would be to throw away foods slipped out of ones grasp no matter how tantalizing it can be!

Foods can get contaminated with bacteria as soon as it hits the floor(especially if the conditions are right) This is because no matter how clean your surface looks it might still have bacteria. Though floors that look dirty will very obviously be likely to grow bacteria but even floors that are cleaned well can house bacteria that can survive for a long time.

Foods that have wet surfaces like cut fruits etc.. can attach more bacteria and the longer the food remains of the floor, the more bacteria will accumulate on the food. Remember while some bacteria are not harmful but some are likely to cause diarrhea and some can make you more sicker. One will never be able to determine the germs on the floor without a powerful microscope so its advisable to banish your dropped delicious butter cookie as i guess you wouldn't want to get your child ill, not even at the cost of a 3 or 5 second rule, right?

Teach your kids to play safe from his/her earliest possible age :-)


  1. shydub said...
    I love your new layout again here nisha, your girl is so pretty, shes growing now huh.

    Sometimes we cant really control those kids coz they are very sneaky putting food in their mouth
    onlinemommy said...
    Thanks for sharing this article. I remember my daughter who is in this stage. But sometimes I am naughty, I allow her to pick up the food and allow here to eat it. Why? To let her body get immune with bacteria hehehe... I know that this isn't right hehehe... will not do it again promise!

    Anyway, I will be hosting a Thanksgiving contest come this October and will end on the last day of December, I am wondering if you would like to sponsor a prize. I still need some EC Credits for the other winners. If not, I would like to ask your help in spreading the news. Thanks in advance.
    bluedreamer said...
    hello there my friend sorry for not being here around lately...
    im back now and im visiing you here
    have a great day and happy blogging
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Nisha, I do tell my kids about that and keep reminding them from time to time.

    You know, sometimes they'll think it's a waste to throw the food away, especially when it tastes very good!

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