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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I missed out this weeks Music monday due to terrible attacks of migraine headaches but i'm surely not going to miss out next weeks MM, for i love posting my fave videos :-)..

There are certain type of foods or things that do trigger these migraines and the attacks are severe with a frequency of lesser to sharp intense pains every few hours but can also persist for days. These type of headaches are extremely painful and terrible to deal with when you have a family to care for and a lot of other tasks to endeavor or complete. A migraine attack is evil!!i must confess.. :-). I would later on write about what can trigger migraines on three blogs(including my pregnancy and health blog) next month as we're almost touched the end of Jan.

Right now, i'm anticipating the luckiest and most fulfilling month of Feb which i can always count on to catch a fresh breath and attain some amount of happiness and satisfaction. One after one, would be celebrations for Valentines Day, cousins and aunts birthdays, and the 25th of Feb for sure will bring me immense joy with special feelings like never any other time of the year! It's the day i was born, the day maybe i cant remember about but i do know i made a lady feel special on that certain day, and who else would that be but my mom.. :-)

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