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Monday, January 18, 2010

Months ago, when Rihanna was assaulted by Chris Brown, she probably was devastated and made this dark video to vent out.. and she had also revealed it in her interview that it made her feel better. I had to watch it over and over to know what's happening. For those who don't know, Russian Roulette is a game that involves a revolver.. a dangerous one most of us may have watched it in the movies.

But i find life so alike this game.. many of us often give our hearts away, unaware whose hands has it fallen into. When we love.. it's one of the biggest games we're playing. In daily life whatever we venture into.. we don't know it's consequences but we risk it. I so relate to the deep meaning of this song and video, and would like to pass this message to everyone to stay strong and safe, and never let anyone take advantage of you. To the girls and women out there suffering domestic violence.. give it a fight, give what it takes to kill atrocities on women.. do it even if you have to die..

I feel people shouldn't find Russian Roulette depressing, but should learn something out of it.. so my readers and friends have Happy MM :-)

Take a breath, take it deep
"Calm yourself", he says to me
If you play, you play for keeps
Take the gun, and count to three
I’m sweating now, moving slow
No time to think, my turn to go

[Chorus ]
And you can see my heart beating
You can see it through my chest
Said I’m terrified but I’m not leaving
I know that I must pass this test
So just pull the trigger

Say a prayer to yourself
He says “close your eyes, Sometimes it helps”
And then I get a scary thought
That he’s here means he’s never lost


As my life flashes before my eyes
I’m wondering will I ever see another sunrise?
So many won’t get the chance to say goodbye
But it’s too late to think of the value of my life


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  1. Stacie said...
    I have never heard this song before. I think your right it must be the dark days she had during the Chris Brown Episode.
    bluecrystaldude said...
    Love it! Yeah I agree with Stacie. This definitely written while she's in Chris Brown incident. Love the video too!

    Happy Monday Nisha!

    Nisha said...
    Hi Stacie.. yeah i felt sad for her but shes a strong person by the way she handled it.. thanks for coming here :-)
    Nisha said...
    Bluedude.. i loved the vid too, though it took me like, about 3, 4 times to understand whats goin on.. the words have great intensity and used as a metaphor of her incident with Chris.. if you noticed it like me! :-)
    GAGAY said...
    great song!!!happy MM!

    hope you could park oso at my MM this week..

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    Empty Streets said...
    This is such an emotional song. I posted it too last year in my music blog :)

    Dropping by to catch up on this week's MM Collection and I am loving the selection :) Hope you are having a great week ahead :) xoxo
    Sweetiepie said...
    Nisha your template looks beautiful.Did you make that?
    Nisha said...
    Gagay.. sorry i took so long to reply to your comment. I would come by this week :-) thanks for stopping by! :-)
    Nisha said...
    Empty Streets.. thanks for stopping by.. late as ever, but am here an will visit you this coming monday for sure :-)
    Nisha said...
    Thanks so much, Sweetie pie.. i designed it as my Christmas theme :-)
    小籠包Jason said...

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