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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Oh, i started off Feb with a serve cough and fever! I guess this is what happens when winters are coming to an end... i catch a cold, cough and fever... Oh no, don't tell me i had migraines in Jan so it's going to be a terrible sore throat and stuffed nose in Feb!! :-).

I had anticipated a sweet beginning isnt it!?... but nevertheless, this 1st of Feb having being the birth of my new baby, my latest blog, am quite excited to advance towards my goals! i'll be buying a domain for the new blog hosted at blogger itself and plan to publish it on the 25th... the day i was born. But if i find more than i what i'm endeavoring is accomplished in a few days, i'll probably publish it there and then. There is going to be great content on the blog for sure, including my photography and my personal video's. Will keep this blog at Nishas world mainly for Alisha's updates and my personal thoughts too, as i've been very unfair to her not writing about her despite the blog being partly for the same purpose. Actually there will be hardly any difference between both the blogs except that the new blog wont have my kids anywhere(at least i'll try) and will focus more on world information through diverse topics. There might be too much confusion right now but soon everything will be crystal clear:-)

I wish myself all the best coz i still got load of other blogs to update and maintain too! :-)


  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    oh i hope you get well very soon... and wow you will have a new blog and a new site... i'm happy for you my friend
    will look forward to it

    have a great day and get well soon
    God is always with you
    melandria said...
    get well soon. I am here to collect my Ec credits winnings from Liz of bloguardian hellsite contest. Thank you so much.

    I am also having a contest now, hope you can join too.

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