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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two days more, and Valentines day will move many hearts closer to one another. Some may find new love, while some may get their broken love reconciled, but most of all the coupled and those deeply in love shall find themselves even deeper involved through exchanging precious gifts, spending romantic dinners, etc. Its a day lovers dedicate themselves to their partners. Having said all that, though we link it only to romance, people forget that is is a day that is also celebrated by families along with their children, teachers and friends. I call this as valentines day beyond lovers, which means that anyone can express love and affection to one another. Though courting and married couples make it to the top list, our children are not left far behind. They are the most excited of the lot and plan on gifting parents, friends and teachers flowers, chocolates and whatever little of anything to express love in a way they understand 'valentines day' best.

My kiddies are excited too. "Mummy, we will buy a cake, balloons and decorations for valentine day"!! hehe.. My Aryan(my elder son of 9) is already anticipating valentines day with great hopes so i cant refuse, and plan to have a family day this year. My little Alisha(3 years) dreams about cutting the cake more than anything! haha.. My husband and myself can always slip out for the movies on a another make-believe of valentines day :-)

Though India isn't backward in celebrating like other countries but only if we could do it peace! The roads are filled with protesters attempting to disrupt traffic by shouting hate 'valentines day' slogans or burning effigies of, god knows what all. If they don't succeed in the banning of cards beforehand, they attempt barging into card galleries to put all the cards and gifts shopping to a halt on the main day and all because they do not want any 'Valentines day' type of influential nature to spoil our youth. That already made me laugh umpteenth times and i will still laugh while watching the drama on news channels even this year! I say this is ridiculous and as leaders they are making a fool of themselves, no one else. They should realize love is so important to express so as to fill in gaps between hearts, and countries too! What examples are their giving their children when they should teach them to love, oh, and not the romantic way obviously, but love filled with affection. A three letter word such as, "I love you" can have several tones and the one for a teacher, parent, sibling or friend couldn't be more affectionate. This year don't leave your kids out of your valentine day celebrations.. am doing the same.. You decide you want to make your little boys or girls valentines or better still, you and daddy can be theirs!!... :-)


  1. Jenny said...
    just stopping by to say hi.
    s.H.a.S.h.I said...
    yaa.. i feel valentines day shudnt be only about lovers.. its rather a celebration of love with all ur near n dear ones..
    well for the protests in india.. Its kinda mellowed down year by year. because politicians have also started accepting the fact tht its gona be der.. even if u protest or not.. sum small groups still do for the sake of publicity.. but our police force takes care of it..
    オテモヤン said...
    ladyviral said...
    I am late I apologize..

    But I hope you have a great valnetine's day! :D
    Anonymous said...

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